Monday, January 24, 2011


So with our focus on freeSTYLE this month (and beyond too I think) I wanted to dance a fusion of both patterned and newly learned styles for me. A big part of who I am is my affinity for wild Nature, and while traveling yesterday up the North Cascades Highway looking to see eagles (who were eerily absent) I was drawn to the edge of the mighty Skagit River.

I felt a sense of emerging and renewal as I used the scarf; exploring yet another style.

This location is a very powerful one; this river runs deep and fast. I see in the water such a strong metaphor for life. Starting slowly as a snowflake in the mountainous heights, then melting, first as a trickle and then rapidly gaining volume and momentum until you are rushing down a wide channel, and then finally slowing down as you head out into the almost infinite and renewing cycle of the ocean.


  1. Such strength and conviction when you step. I like that you are investigating the space around you. Your scarf partner is wonderful and seems to be assisting you with unveiling more from your movements.
    Felt a peace while watching you next to this mighty river. Its roar was like a mantra. Did you feel Nature holding you?
    I saw the ways you played with more angular motion but also there was a play between gravity and spirit here. Are you finding new patterns in the 'old patterns'? Thank you for being Rev!!! May our dances continue!

  2. thank you for sharing your dance and the river metaphor... into the infinite sea, the mother of us all... i felt like i was watching a meditation and appreciated your still-points within the movement even though the river of life was swiftly speeding by... the scarf-veil reminded me of an ancient being of the woods - awakening... thank you for inspiring!