Monday, January 31, 2011

kiddie style

I had a bad cold and felt horrible and was feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired :~) To get out of my 'funk', I headed to the park for a walk and was inspired to dance 'kiddie style' at the abandoned playground where Momo has had me dance in the past.

I remember in mentorship sessions with Momo she would encourage me to pay attention to children and how they move freely without abandon, and on this quest to dance freely, children are such wonderful role models!
In the last two years I have danced and played as a child as inspired by Momo's teachings... my favorite experience was dancing in the footsteps of an adorable little girl and her dog while dancing on the beach... imitating her movements and dance / play - see my blog description here: 'dat dere at the beach' (Ricky Lee Jones' song).
I included the film here as the little girl squealing with fun at the end is priceless and always makes me smile :~)
It is hard to break out of the movement habits that have embedded themselves deeply. On that quest, I was challenged to play on the inside with the idea of not thinking too much - just being open to move and be drawn to whatever was 'calling' me to play with it on the outside...
This spontaneous dance play is great medicine for feeling better - thank you, Momo! It is so fascinating to me how bringing 'joy' into the body (kiddie style) can effect so positively the mood and the mind.

Feeling grateful for this practice that allows you to experience all aspects of yourself... the ancient one, the child, the baby... and all the other beings we share this precious earth with...

Feeling grateful to be able to view all the posts here - sharing our practices - am feeling nourished and inspired by you all...
Music: Philip Glass

Sunday, January 30, 2011

copy cat style

Ever since I was little, I’ve always been a copy cat. Just ask my older sister. I learn best from watching other people and trying on their clothes, their ideas, their movements. I find much inspiration from work that’s been copied. Whether its a mash up, a collage, a pastiche, a remix, a mixtape, a photocopied ‘zine, I’m inspired by the magic of anything involving the process of copy, cut, and paste.

For the styles project, I’ve projected images and shamelessly danced with the styles of other members of MomoButoh company.

Copying another’s style in this way may seem absurd. I could never really copy the dance of Momo or Lee or Rev or Carolyn no matter how hard I tried.

Still, when I dance with you, and try on your style, something appears in the dance as unique, distinct, original and authentic. In my awkward attempts to look like you, to mimic your moves, to dance your dance, an original style peeks through. My original voice can’t help but sing loud and clear when I copy you.

And when I appear in your style, I get out of my own way. Style becomes the container for the singular voice I may not have known that I had.

In this way, I participate in your act of creation and you in mine.

Style becomes the container where I can create. Even when the style is copied.

In container of your style I get a chance show up as real.

Camera by Heidi Madsen Music for Violin by Liz Landis

Saturday, January 29, 2011

exxxPloratIonsssz iN style.

we all have it.
those clothes you're wearing?
yeah, they present a certain STYLE
a certain . . . idea i get when i look at you.
that food you're eating?
cigarette you're smoking?
smoothie you're slurping?
is a part of your style.
i have a hat for every day of the week
fabric for every mood
an adornment for every attitude
. . role playing seeking hiding. .
but what's my style when I MOVE?
is it the same as my personal style, or has my personal style been clouded/confused into a distorted mockingbird or the styles i've been privy to?
i decided to take a look at my past styles, and with momo's help, began to explore my self destructive style. I also personally wished to explore my shadow side, as it has up until now, not been shared through dance in this way. This for me is also in exploration in RVAstyle - what i'm calling the style I've absorbed from living, breathing, working, and exploring in Richmond, Virginia.

it can also be quirky kooky goofy loopy, an unleashing of the inner "freak"

I also went to Maymont- a park I frequent often, to explore NATURE's style. Nature's freestyle is something that I would like to incorporate into my own freestyle.

soft caress of the wind
branches swaying softy
a twig suddenly falls
a bird soars overhead

For now- my style is very much INBETWEEN. Paying attention to style has been a deep exploration for me. I can't wait to see how all of our unique styles unfold freeeeeely here, blossoming everywhere!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Doggie Style

I had always shied away from dogs...well, at least ever since I was attacked by a little black scottie when I was 4 years old. About 5 years ago I lived with a lady who had the sweetest HUGE doberman pincher that looked deadly but could only offer the most loyal HUGE love. My heart and mind melted and slowly opened to the possibility that all dogs might not be scary. It is that way with many things that we have experienced past trauma with; it usually takes a good deal of time and loving care to move beyond the habitual response of self-protection. I was grateful for this.

Since then, I have enjoyed the company of many dogs, including my mom's clever & playful Basenji/Pit Bull mix named Charlie, but never wanted to take on the responsibility to live with one. My mother asked me to take care of Charlie when she went away many times. I agree it makes sense to have a close family member care for our beloveds when possible, but I was so resistant because I knew what a lifeSTYLE change it would entail. I would be responsible for another's LIFE and I would have to alter my self-centered free form lifeSTYLE. Not being a mother or pet owner, I have always been free to move freely and literally sleep around at a momo-moments notice. Taking care of Charlie meant agreeing to walk & feed him twice daily and sleep in the same house with him for 3 weeks! I would actually take on the house, garden, bedroom, animal and day to day habits of my Mom. Woah!

The fact that I am doing all I can now to raise funds for building the new MomoButoh Dance Studio this summer and that it was a gift for my mom's birthday convinced me to go for it. Thus, for the past 3 weeks I totally changed my daily style and now can truly say it was wonderful. A true highlight was my friend John's birthday spent dancing with Charlie on the beach. Watch the film below and I hope you will smile as much as we did at Charlie's antics. He taught me a whole new Doggie Style dance.
In my mom's house there is a Joke-a-Day calendar and the first day there the joke read something like this:
Q: "How can you tell that a dog is man's best friend?"
A: "Lock both your wife and your dog in your car trunk and come back a few hours later and see who is really glad to see you."

Yesterday was our last walk together and honestly, I miss Charlie already as he became such a loyal and loving companion. I can't believe I feel this way but I look forward to another opportunity to dog-sit again soon. I learned some very important lessons about commitment, exercise, playfulness, unconditional love and forgiveness from Charlie that will stay with me for a lifetime. Thanks Charlie, we love you!
And thanks Lee (and Mary Oliver) who always have just the right poem for the occasion. We love you too!

music: the rachels
I Ask Percy (Charlie) How I Should Live My Life
Love, love, love, says Percy (Charlie).
And hurry as fast as you can
along the shining beach, or the rubble, or the dust.
Then, go to sleep.
Give up your body heat, your beating heart.
Then, trust.
~ Mary Oliver ~

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

sprouting and budding styles

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anaïs Nin

On our walk today I was soulfully moved by seeing how so much of the plant life was beginning to awaken... with small buds appearing on branches and shoots breaking through the soul. (In re-reading realized the typo - should be soil... or not... perhaps earth soul :~)

I could envision the stirring of new growth in the darkness of the earth-womb and the restlessness of the young leaves on the edges of the branches beginning to poke their faces out into the warmth of the light - some not quite ready to bare themselves - the shy leaves of the willows wearing their fuzzy coats...
As we entered a field I felt I wanted to use the open space to do this spontaneous dance exploration of the idea of connecting to the plants as well as my own inner exuberance for the arrival of an early spring... We have been dancing with the idea of 'styles' this last month with Momobutoh Company, and I was inspired by Rev and Momo's dance study of 'styles' - working with different ways of movement.

I was thinking of how all the different plants 'move (dance)' into new life and growth - each unique and different in their 'style.'
What also came to mind was a poem that was shared by a mutual friend of Momo and mine last week at our full moon gathering... I could imagine all the young life of our plant relatives laughing, singing and chatting amongst themselves and perhaps even to us, if we had the ears to hear them... celebrating such an early arrival of spring-like weather.

The Music We Are

Did you hear that winter is over? The basil
and the carnations cannot control their

laughter. The nightingale, back from his
wandering, has been made singing master

over the birds. The trees reach out their
congratulations. The soul goes dancing

through the king's doorway. Anemones blush
because they have seen the rose naked.

Spring, the only fair judge, walks in the
courtroom, and several December thieves steal

away. Last year's miracles will soon be
forgotten. New creatures whirl in from non-

existence, galaxies scattered around their
feet. Have you met them? ... A feast is set. Listen: the
wind is pouring wine! Love used to hide

inside images: no more! The orchard hangs
out its lanterns. The dead come stumbling by

in shrouds. Nothing can stay bound or be
imprisoned. You say, "End this poem here,

and wait for what's next." I will. Poems
are rough notations for the music we are.


Later this evening, in reviewing this film, I was seeing how much more there is to explore with this idea of embodying the styles of sprouting and budding... I feel inspired to dance this exploration of sprouting and budding 'styles' again - but, would love to have you join me! Where are you in the life-cycle / season of the plants... are you beginning to bud - to feel the exuberance of spring?

It is a joy to be able to witness the dance of others in our company... thank you all for your inspiration... I look forward to seeing dances from those of you who haven't posted in a little while.... missing you!
Music: Satowa
Filmed by Brooke

Monday, January 24, 2011


So with our focus on freeSTYLE this month (and beyond too I think) I wanted to dance a fusion of both patterned and newly learned styles for me. A big part of who I am is my affinity for wild Nature, and while traveling yesterday up the North Cascades Highway looking to see eagles (who were eerily absent) I was drawn to the edge of the mighty Skagit River.

I felt a sense of emerging and renewal as I used the scarf; exploring yet another style.

This location is a very powerful one; this river runs deep and fast. I see in the water such a strong metaphor for life. Starting slowly as a snowflake in the mountainous heights, then melting, first as a trickle and then rapidly gaining volume and momentum until you are rushing down a wide channel, and then finally slowing down as you head out into the almost infinite and renewing cycle of the ocean.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

study of styles

This has been an interesting theme so far. With so many possible styles to absorb there is always something new.

A couple days ago I met Momo for a session. She pointed out some of the elements of my own personal style, such as preferring very outdoorsy locations and flowing motions. I find it is true that I tend to follow a pattern in my dance, which is a bit ironic because I started butoh to break out of old patterns. So I can see the wisdom in challenging ourselves to try new styles. To break out of old patterns, to learn new gifts to incorporate in the dance and in life, to foster creativity and innovation.

In this dance with Momo we tried several different styles, for example my usual flowing one to more linear staccato movements. Besides learning some new styles I had a lot of fun with this one.

Many thanks to Momo and to Kazuo Ohno.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

wooly socks style

"Please dance free style; imbue every single instant with the heart beat of your soul." Kazuo Ohno - Momo's sensei

This dance practice was inspired as a response to Misty Eve's post "Dizzy, Me and Maybe Even Marlene," and Momo's post on dancing freeSTYLE. Like Misty, I felt called to play music and allow myself to dance freely to the rhythms that often transport you into another realm of experience and a connection to soul. I loved Misty's dance and wanted to be dancing energetically with her and Dizzy! However, my exploration changed it's course as I had been ill last week and my energy was depleted.
I had a conversation with Momo recently where she mentioned how she often dances to inner music she hears... and I was thinking how on a quest to dance freely from the soul, how our inspiration can come from so many sources, as we have done in Momo's workshops in the past - from going inside and listening to that which wants to be expressed from the physical, mental or spiritual realm; to connecting with another being, animate or inanimate, and dancing in a way that you think that being may want to see you dance as a way of honoring it, for examples...
Today, I felt vulnerable and uncertain - can I dance from the soul in a way that is "free" even though there are limitations due to years of moving in-body in familiar ways? Does dancing freely mean I have to learn new ways of moving in my body to broaden my ability to express physically the vastness of the soul? Is it possible to ever remove one's self from one's habitual patterns of movement? Is there a difference between dancing from the soul and dancing in a way that is authentically you but may be perceived as a style?

And so, without audible music, I began this dance in my yoga studio from a place of uncertainty and a longing for regaining my strength and feeling of wellness in-body... a dance practice of listening from the inside for inner music... a practice of 'wooly sock style' and 'under the weather style'... a dance of gratitude for this practice that allows me to embody the questions of dancing freeSTYLE and for the connections and inspirations I receive from Momo and company...

(Music was added at home later during the editing).
Music: Philip Glass

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dizzy, me and maybe even Marlene

This is in response to momo and Kazuo Ohno asking us to 'freestyle'.
The dance here is inspired by Dizzy Gillespie's exquisite trumpet music and humour. This song is called 'Kush'. It is his tribute to mama Africa. Kush was an early civilization in north Africa (where Sudan is today). They were around from 2000 to 1500 BC. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Art Museum Style Spontaneous Aesthetic Response

Today MomoButoh Dance Company met on a conference call to discuss our process, challenges and breakthroughs since beginning this YearOfCo11aboration on 11/11/10. We also brainstormed ideas for our current project: The Styles. We agreed that it would be a beneficial practice to enter collaborative dialogue with one another by responding with our dances & blog articles to other member's prior stories, dances, poems, images, etc. Although the dance I share here was done before our discussion today, it coincidentally happened in the same location on the same day just an hour or so before Lee Atwell filmed & was inspired to dance about Style. I did not know that she had be there till afterwards. So, it leaves me wondering whether my "aesthetic responses" to these exact same costumes, style and spaces here were influenced by Lee's prior presence and dance here. In any case, this all makes me smile and feel somehow connected and naturally in the company of MomoButoh.

Speaking of collaboration, the music for this film is "Oni Gorshi" by Degenerate Art Ensemble; a group that I admire for their awesome STYLE and I know to be committed to artistic multi-discplinary collaboration. Thanks Haruko for your inspiration and all the best for your upcoming show at the Frye Art Museum! See more about that (and a bit about collaborations between Haruko and I) at her blog here: and the

FreeSTYLE on 1/1/11 and beyond

Kazuo Ohno used the term "FreeStyle" very often when instructing us in butoh dance at his studio (photos here of Momo dancing "freestyle" in the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio by Nobuko Shiga).
Now that we are investigating The Styles with MomoButoh Dance Company from 1/1/11 till 2/2/11; echos of his directions are repeating inside me. What is it to dance "freestyle?" On 1/1/11 at 11:11 am I initiated a dance improvisation ceremony to celebrate this New Year of E11evens. It included appearances by invited friends moving in all speeds, levels, styles, emotions and directions. It included passers by like a bird pecking at the vomit likely left by someones New Year's Eve revelation and a coffee cup carrying crow who knocked it percussively on the pavement; providing a soundtrack for our dance along with a jumbo jet flying low & slow over 11th street (we were on 10th & Pike) in Seattle. At about 6 min in, I encountered an unused cigarette and crumbled its contents in a circle on a dumpster, offering tobacco with prayers for a good year for all my relations. It was a magical and totally unplanned 11 minutes that culminated with dancing in an underground (literally) painting studio of someone I met right there on the street during the dance. It was all filmed.

Sadly, I did not immediately dowload the footage of this event and now must learn from my delinquency & mistake. My flip video camera broke on 1/6/11 just before I attended the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. I sent in the broken camera for a replacement (Technical Side NOTE: They are doing this for me even though it is NOT under warrantee anymore because we found the original receipt and they say I am a "valued customer", cool!! --this is ONE reason I suggest all DailyDance practitioners get a FLIP camera). I asked them to retrieve the films "stuck" on the camera, and will post it here if they do. But this will likely never happen. So, please use your infinite imagination to re-create in "freestyle" what this dance ceremony might have appeared like there in the bright sunshine, in front of a horse trough turned bamboo garden planter and a drive shaft handled metal doorway with a wooden barrel for a light fixture and sheet metal for a sign closed club entryway. A very urban STYLE place to begin 2011 for sure. One of the few human passers by happened to be my good friend from the dance community -Louis Gervais...what a blessing to have the likes of him be one of my first spontaneous dance partners for 2011!! It is going to be a very fine and WILD year of FreeSTYLE indeed. Can't wait for 11/11/11 of course....

And, regarding the "Freestyle" that Kazuo Ohno would regularly call out for, I believe this may be the MOST difficult thing to do in butoh, dance and life. How can we truly be free? What does that even mean? How can we dance and act free of conditioning, ideas of right/wrong, good/bad, self imposed constraints on our spontaneously emerging actions and creativity? It would be as if we were unrestrained and totally available puppets of unfolding Creation. On 1/3/11 I may have experienced a tiny and ecstatic glimpse into this while sharing a trio improvisation score with improvisational dance luminaries John Dixon and Karen Nelson. After an afternoon of Contemplative Dance Practice we discussed an experimental score whereby the only "rules" were to follow your "embodied impulses" and when finding you were NOT doing that (such as following a mental thought or idea of what to do/not do) then to PAUSE and begin again only from an embodied impulse. This may sound quite vague but what emerged was a rare revelatory and amazingly fulfilling experience for all of us. We shared a freestyle dance for about 30 minutes of what we agreed was almost total presence and direct communion with BEING (self, each other, god?) self-emerging in action through the body. I felt perhaps that this was what Kazuo had been trying to convey when he would repeat "FREESTYLE!!" (in English) over and over while we improvised during his lessons.

I would love to hear/see what you think/see is "FreeSTYLE"...I would love to hear what happened for you if you try the meditation/movement improvisation score I explained above. please offer a comment or blog response if you are moved. Thank you.

If you have not yet SUBSCRIBED to receive the MomoButoh Dance Company article posts by email please do it NOW in the little form on the upper right side of this page. If you like what you see here, please consider SUPPORTING our work by participating with making a DONATION at the PayPal button on upper left side. Even micro-funds of 5 or 10 bucks are great help to pay for necessary admin costs to maintain this site, mailing lists and the like. BIG BIG THANK YOU!

Art Museum Style

"It is the pervading law
Of all things organic and inorganic,
Of all things physical and metaphysical,
Of all things human and all things super-human,
Of all true manifestations of the head,
Of the heart, of the soul,
That the life is recognizable in its expression,
That form ever follows function..."

Lois Sullivan
It was a coincidence that Momo and I were going to be going to the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Museum on the same day last week.

Unfortunately, the line-up was long and the tickets were being sold for entrance into the exhibit 4 hours later - too long to wait. Fortunately, I was able to spend time viewing the other exhibits currently showing instead.

This month's theme for our dance practice is 'STYLE' and the first thing I think of when I hear 'style', is 'fashion' and what we choose to wear and how we present ourselves into the world - our 'look.'
I loved discovering the many 'styles' that were on display at the gallery - from the traditional, authentic clothing as worn by local and distant native peoples to the the modern artistic representations of fashion, as well as the 'styles' of all the people who were also visiting the museum.

On the way home, inspired to dance with a recessed light beaming up from a downtown sidewalk, dancing a dance of the 'puffy coat style' (which feels more like 'function' than 'form,' however :~)
Grateful for being part of this collaboration and connecting with you all...
Music: Philip Glass

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sun sand and surf...

While walking around Stanley Park shortly after the New Year, I could not help but notice the presence of all of The Elements in large quantity.

Deanna and I started the afternoon strolling about amongst the thousands of huge Douglas-fir, Western Red cedar, Western Hemlock, and Sitka Spruce trees. We are grateful that in such a large bustling city as Vancouver there is still an enclave for these magnificent beings. I felt as I normally do in forest humbled yet protected by their presence. And we could feel their effect in the Air, how they enrich it and it seems easier to breathe underneath them.

Then as we walked along the seawall, Water and Space became very evident. The wide open Space above Burrard Inlet and English Bay made it impossible not to draw our eyes to the Mountains and Islands beyond. The huge icicles hanging off of cliffs were a beautiful blend of Water and Earth.

Then, near the end of our hike, the Fire of the setting Sun combined with all the other Elements and this spontaneous dance offering is what happened...

And as we start another year I'd like to share a little bit about what butoh has done for me.

A year ago I had never even heard of butoh. And then I met Momo on Facebook, she was my 11th Facebook friend (true story!). I was fascinated by the freedom of expression and loss of self-consiousness that Momo exhibits strongly. And the way it is in tune with nature and one's environment. You see, I have always had stage fright since quite young and until I started butoh practice I would've been mortified to dance like this in front of other people. Although I had done a kind of private dance for years while by myself in the wilderness. So I decided it would be therepeudic for my stage fright to study or at least try butoh.

And from my very first session with Momo I could see there was great energy to be found from within myself, and since then I have wanted to keep tapping into that. And with continued practice I am also learning to draw from the energy of things and beings around or "without" me. Thank you Momo for helping me do this! It has become clear to me that butoh has done more for me than just help me overcome stage fright.

Now I feel much freer, much more in touch with myself and with other beings and also the Elements and environment around me. Learning to be more creative and losing fear and gaining new insights over time. I am looking forward to continued exploration and expression in the coming year and am grateful to be sharing these gifts with all of you and the rest of the world too!

Let 2011 Ring!

My life has been in a state of transition for quite awhile now, and it continues to do so. My entire family is settling new roots in vastly different areas as I say goodbye to my childhood home and a huge chapter of my life.

Trains and birds have been everywhere! Calling me on to transformation, to the next place, to the next phase in my journey.

On 1/1/11 New Year’s Day I was blessed to share a very scared dance in Space.

I was on my way to the park near my home, but to my surprise it was closed. No matter, I was determined to be with mother nature and dance with her. . ..

Outside of the gates I found myself drawn to a tree. I later realized this tree was hurting- it had a huge gash and there was trash around it. I cleaned up the area, burned sage and danced with the tree as I sent my energy and love to the universe. Before I knew it I was in trancedance and a bellowing song came out of me:

I am the Earth and All she contains” This is the song we sing for the Mother Archetype. Mother Earth. I felt I was transformed and with her in dance and in space. I felt her pain… heavy… the palpable sense of preparing for future battles to come. I felt love. I sank into the earth and we held each other. I ended by giving many offerings and thanks.

*I would like to take this time to express how deeply grateful I am for this soulful transformative practice. How thankful I am for ALL of the ELEMNETS and the blessing of being able to dance them all. A very deep thank you to our beloved MoMo and ALL of you. . . what a beautiful thing we have here! I am absolutely humbled by it. **

A few days later I finally allowed myself to begin the process of saying goodbye to everyone and everything in Virginia. My sweet lover who has helped me to grow, my friends, family, and chosen family whom have all left. . .

I was overcome with heaviness and grief, but suddenly I knew immediately what to do. I drove myself to Byrd Park where I often rehearsed outdoors with soulsisters in theatre. There are many birds that inhabit that area. .. something just told me to go see the geese that I have had such a fondness of. As soon as I reached the water I began to sob--- AND THEN! A circle of ducks surrounded me. It was as if they had been waiting for me. They surrounded me and breathed. All talking, all squawking. Comforting me.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. They seemed to say. I was overcome with joy and danced with and for them, the water, gloomy grey sky and rain, all washing over me.

I danced heavily with an iron handrail, it seemed to become The Creator who was truly holding me up in life and in dance.

I then came upon a sign- the geese that had once populated this park had been removed after complaints about overpopulation and waste management. My duck friends then led me to the one lone grey goose left in the entire park. We stared at each other for a long, long time. I sent her love, power, and comfort. I received the same.

She was not alone, and neither am I.

Happy 2011 with Love~~~

dancing fire

Good morning

fire with
your inky red wisdom
your slashes and dashes
come join me

fierce editor come gobble and
purge yesterday's

versions of monsters
mooses turned rabid
in ravaging heat

(shy sputtering outline of darkness
can’t hide
stiff hunching back bearing boulders)

clumsy lurches and churning
gurgling belly in bunches
breakfast for your greedy
heat reaching through glass

good night
feast on leftover
wordy dead wishes
with hot tongued kisses
kindly return my misspellings to ash

Trumpeting in Twenty Eleven

The Swan

Did you too see it, drifting, all night, on the black river?
Did you see it in the morning, rising into the silvery air -
An armful of white blossoms,
A perfect commotion of silk and linen as it leaned
into the bondage of its wings; a snowbank, a bank of lilies,
Biting the air with its black beak?
Did you hear it, fluting and whistling
A shrill dark music - like the rain pelting the trees - like a waterfall
Knifing down the black ledges?
And did you see it, finally, just under the clouds -
A white cross streaming across the sky, its feet
Like black leaves, its wings
Like the stretching light of the river?
And did you feel it, in your heart, how it pertained to everything?
And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for?
And have you changed your life?

Mary Oliver

I received a message from Momo on New Year's Day in which she wrote - "what you do/feel/be sets the tone for the whole of 11...."

On reflection of the previous year I realized how much I have missed dancing as regularly as I was during 2009 YearOfButoh's daily dancing. It was such a profound way of connection to my day to day experience in such a meaning-full way - the practice of dancing from the soul.

On New Year's Day, en-route, once again, from care-taking for my elderly father, I felt I wanted to "set the tone for the whole of 11" with a dance... thank you, dear Momo, for the inspiration, to dance more in the upcoming year.
The sun was near setting and I knew I had to do my dance practice in the magical Skagit Valley. Mount Baker to the north and Mount Ranier to the south were glowing in the late afternoon light and I was feeling the call to dance with the element 'space' in the cleavage of the open valley.

My Dad went into the hospital on Christmas Eve after a fall and I had many challenges in 'breaking him out' of the hospital where they have so many protocols for discharging seniors - making sure they will have a safe environment to live in if they go home (versus placement in a nursing home). Unfortunately, the hospital was understaffed and my Dad's care there was questionable. And so in the dark of night, against the normal protocol, with his doctor's permission, however, I 'broke him free' from the hellish existence within the hospital where he was sharing a room with 3 others across from the noisy nurses station, with so many seniors groaning in pain heard throughout the ward and many calls of 'please help me,' being unanswered and echoing through the hallways.

My Dad now has 24 hour care at home, is living in an environment of peace where he has lived for over 40 years and where he wishes to pass his final days...

In the Skagit valley I loved how when I parked at this location beside a farmer's field, a flock of trumpeter swans flew overhead, trumpeting into the infinite space of sky heading towards the east, the direction of insight and clear seeing - a reminder to dance freely into spaciousness.
And so this spontaneous dance is one of 'breaking free' into the expanse of the inner and outer landscapes, of getting in-touch with an inner joy that surfaced in the playfulness of the dance expression, of surrendering to the 'marionette-like' spirit that seemed to surface (after going through the hoops of red-tape to find freedom for my father the puppet seemed appropriate in retrospect, but such a surprise) and also of getting in-touch with the feeling of space on the inside, after so many inner emotional challenges during the process of releasing my father from the hospital...

It was so soul satisfying to initially break the ice and hear it crack 'open' which felt like a freeing of an inner expression of warmth from it's cold bondage - an opportunity to lean into my wings..
Feeling grateful for the swans, the ice, the space and this dance practice as inspired by Momo... and for my connection here with you all - Momobutoh Company :~) and for all who may be viewing...
Music: Philip Glass