Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sun sand and surf...

While walking around Stanley Park shortly after the New Year, I could not help but notice the presence of all of The Elements in large quantity.

Deanna and I started the afternoon strolling about amongst the thousands of huge Douglas-fir, Western Red cedar, Western Hemlock, and Sitka Spruce trees. We are grateful that in such a large bustling city as Vancouver there is still an enclave for these magnificent beings. I felt as I normally do in forest humbled yet protected by their presence. And we could feel their effect in the Air, how they enrich it and it seems easier to breathe underneath them.

Then as we walked along the seawall, Water and Space became very evident. The wide open Space above Burrard Inlet and English Bay made it impossible not to draw our eyes to the Mountains and Islands beyond. The huge icicles hanging off of cliffs were a beautiful blend of Water and Earth.

Then, near the end of our hike, the Fire of the setting Sun combined with all the other Elements and this spontaneous dance offering is what happened...

And as we start another year I'd like to share a little bit about what butoh has done for me.

A year ago I had never even heard of butoh. And then I met Momo on Facebook, she was my 11th Facebook friend (true story!). I was fascinated by the freedom of expression and loss of self-consiousness that Momo exhibits strongly. And the way it is in tune with nature and one's environment. You see, I have always had stage fright since quite young and until I started butoh practice I would've been mortified to dance like this in front of other people. Although I had done a kind of private dance for years while by myself in the wilderness. So I decided it would be therepeudic for my stage fright to study or at least try butoh.

And from my very first session with Momo I could see there was great energy to be found from within myself, and since then I have wanted to keep tapping into that. And with continued practice I am also learning to draw from the energy of things and beings around or "without" me. Thank you Momo for helping me do this! It has become clear to me that butoh has done more for me than just help me overcome stage fright.

Now I feel much freer, much more in touch with myself and with other beings and also the Elements and environment around me. Learning to be more creative and losing fear and gaining new insights over time. I am looking forward to continued exploration and expression in the coming year and am grateful to be sharing these gifts with all of you and the rest of the world too!


  1. love hearing your story.
    thank you for this beautiful dance...
    seeing you become almost shadow like, disappearing and appearing into the universal. becoming the environment... i sense how important it is, how you are just one part of the dance.

  2. So happy for you in your discovery of butoh and to learn of how you came to it. You seem to move in tandem with the sea. You appear to move in and out as the tide. I adore the sound of Ocean! Thank you for sharing this with us Art/Rev. May you continue to 'tap into' that energy!!

  3. ah yes, i know and LOVE this Stanley Park beach at sunset....have danced there myself...and with Lee...i felt like being with you, like i was with you. AND, thank you rev for sharing your story about your butoh life experience so far. i am equally grateful that i am your 11th FB friend and that you had the courage to reach out and step into the momobutoh unknown with my guidance. it has been a great blossoming journey so far and i look forward to see what continues to emerge!

  4. i loved seeing this dance dear rev! and so glad we can now comment on your latest dance! yes, it felt so much like i was there with you in the elements... i too, enjoyed reading of your butoh journey... i loved how the witnessing took me into an inner place of peace... thank you...