Saturday, January 29, 2011

exxxPloratIonsssz iN style.

we all have it.
those clothes you're wearing?
yeah, they present a certain STYLE
a certain . . . idea i get when i look at you.
that food you're eating?
cigarette you're smoking?
smoothie you're slurping?
is a part of your style.
i have a hat for every day of the week
fabric for every mood
an adornment for every attitude
. . role playing seeking hiding. .
but what's my style when I MOVE?
is it the same as my personal style, or has my personal style been clouded/confused into a distorted mockingbird or the styles i've been privy to?
i decided to take a look at my past styles, and with momo's help, began to explore my self destructive style. I also personally wished to explore my shadow side, as it has up until now, not been shared through dance in this way. This for me is also in exploration in RVAstyle - what i'm calling the style I've absorbed from living, breathing, working, and exploring in Richmond, Virginia.

it can also be quirky kooky goofy loopy, an unleashing of the inner "freak"

I also went to Maymont- a park I frequent often, to explore NATURE's style. Nature's freestyle is something that I would like to incorporate into my own freestyle.

soft caress of the wind
branches swaying softy
a twig suddenly falls
a bird soars overhead

For now- my style is very much INBETWEEN. Paying attention to style has been a deep exploration for me. I can't wait to see how all of our unique styles unfold freeeeeely here, blossoming everywhere!


  1. thank you for your courage to share your stunning contrast between human & non human essences. the one in the house seems so tortured in a way...stress & pressure of situation oozing. i see the fire extinguisher there and part of me wants to USE IT to "cool it,: "calm it" and then i appreciate the RAW POWER available in that place....i know that place and have been there many times...just like all styles it is a choice...then the one in the garden, the shapes, colors, sounds, peace, simplicity & pace is so distinct and pleasing to me. i find that place in the CENTER from which to choose wants to choose peace, choose life, choose to not be in the stress of the first energy....even tho i feel the pull of it, the compelling sexy juicy nature. wondering more now about the place in between....the places in nature that have that same dark raw power that is fire, like animal sex, like an out of ones mind drive to survive--to LIVE fully & freely! i feel that truth has been colonized and bottled into the "sexxxy" and violent cultural junk we are force fed daily by most mainstream sources. how do we claim the power and loose the chains...or do we need to if we simply refuse to forget that we are ultimately the free choosers?

  2. witnessing your 1st video took me by surprise - somehow the triple XXX in the title of your post went right by me :~) i was waiting to see the 'goofy, loopy' you (maybe from the still photos?)... and then i wondered, maybe that is also part of the practice here? whenever we post our practices we are exposing so much of ourselves... i appreciate your sharing of your spontaneous 'raw' self and being vulnerable... your second poem / video felt like the elixir... so full of simple, quiet, natural beauty - keeping in rhythm with nature... slow to medium... ahhh... thank you for your sharing your quest for your authentic self / expression with all of us... and for inspiring....