Sunday, January 9, 2011

Art Museum Style Spontaneous Aesthetic Response

Today MomoButoh Dance Company met on a conference call to discuss our process, challenges and breakthroughs since beginning this YearOfCo11aboration on 11/11/10. We also brainstormed ideas for our current project: The Styles. We agreed that it would be a beneficial practice to enter collaborative dialogue with one another by responding with our dances & blog articles to other member's prior stories, dances, poems, images, etc. Although the dance I share here was done before our discussion today, it coincidentally happened in the same location on the same day just an hour or so before Lee Atwell filmed & was inspired to dance about Style. I did not know that she had be there till afterwards. So, it leaves me wondering whether my "aesthetic responses" to these exact same costumes, style and spaces here were influenced by Lee's prior presence and dance here. In any case, this all makes me smile and feel somehow connected and naturally in the company of MomoButoh.

Speaking of collaboration, the music for this film is "Oni Gorshi" by Degenerate Art Ensemble; a group that I admire for their awesome STYLE and I know to be committed to artistic multi-discplinary collaboration. Thanks Haruko for your inspiration and all the best for your upcoming show at the Frye Art Museum! See more about that (and a bit about collaborations between Haruko and I) at her blog here: and the


  1. love this dance, momo... and your courage to dance amongst the throngs at picasso's exhibit!
    the words that come to mind in viewing... quirky, unpredictable, captivating, unity (of tone, color, shape, design, patterns - of you with the 'sock style' sculpture as if bringing it to life / movement)... seen, hidden - behind walls, hands, shadows and veils of clothing... empathy...
    and so great to see you dance with that crazy overhead sculpture of bright lights and suspended automobiles - the music was well suited to the inner feeling tone from that garish, 'energetic' exhibit!
    thank you for inspiring...

  2. In the first photo, I love that you and the girl behind you both have your mouths open. A certain symmetry and connection there. Watching the people watch you is fascinating. I wonder how many would like to join in? The children seem to move past you with great ease.
    I am very excited to dance in public spaces and see what happens. Thank you for your indomitable spirit.