Wednesday, January 19, 2011

storm beings after breakfast


  1. Some of my best moments in my travels in the wilderness have been during "bad" weather. It can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes in the moment but when I am cocooned in a tent safe and sound while the wind is howling I feel so alive...
    There is definitely a song and even voices in the wind and rain. From your photos I can tell you hear it too, thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, for me as well Rev. Powerful weather does help us feel so vibrant and in the moment. I felt like a little child afterward, so felt like even my bones were smiling. I do not know what will come out/through when I dance, I go 'in' and then see what comes... so much is revealed when we let go, isnt' it? When we stop thinking and just run out to the 'storm'.
    Happy to meet you here Rev!!

  3. So VITAL & alive ....Yes, Life! The BOLD nature of being in and of a STORM is very confronting & freeing. I could feel the exuberance inherent in this act of facing, entering something, anything we normally shy away from. A teacher of Contact Improvisation (Karen Nelson) recently said of this type of courage needed when entering a dance (or an exchange with OTHER in life) that might normally be intimidating: "Be shy AND go in!" What surprised me in this dance was the delicacy with which your stormy nature entered the challenge of this passionate freestyle partnership. Thus holding the space of a style somewhere "in between."

  4. i could feel the rain on my being and feel the storm 'being' dancing with you... storm meeting storm... thank you for sharing your practice here with us all... inspired...

  5. The link is private and can not see. I want to see the video! I am interested in dance.
    Can you send me a link? Please!