Current Projects

Through butoh, dance, film, photography, ritual, writing and visual art; we will collaborate to create a body of soulful & transformative work. We will offer aesthetic responses to one another through these intermodal arts as well. 
We hope you enjoy these fruits of our creative process. 

Our 2012 Projects:
WildLife Sanctuary

Our 2011 Projects:
The Plants & Animals Project
(initiation 5/5/11)

The Dream Project
(initiation 3/3/11 & 4/4/11)

The LOVE & Family Project
(initiation 2/2/11)
The Styles Project
(initiation 1/1/11)

The Elements Project 
(initiated 12/12/10)

11/11 Salmon Habitat Restoration Project 
(initiated 11/11/2010. In aesthetic response to our annual gathering on 11/11 at Mile 11 on Highway 11 at 11:11,  MomoButoh Dance Company members and witnesses are currently posting about that event.)

Beginning on 12/12 MomoButoh Dance Company will be addressing the theme of The ELEMENTS.  
For this moon cycle's investigation and YearOfCo11aboration the primary elements we will pay attention to are:
& SPACE (or consciousness) 
Some possible scores to explore and exchange:
1. Dance intimately with a chosen element as your 
Significant Other. 
(ie. dance with the dirt, wind, rain or sunshine.)
2. Create a TALKING DANCE from the perspective of an element or your soul speaking about an element and its meaning and value for you. (This is what Melinda did here.)
3. Focus on your physical, sensual, visceral experience of an element in your BODY and be moved to create from that. 
(Patricia's   score)
4. Face a given direction (East/West/North/South/Above/Below) and Call an element from that direction to join you and move you. Offer thanks for the gifts you receive from that direction & element. (Rev's Score) 

Please REPORT on what you experience by posting your writing, images, films, drawings, music and so on here.

Beginning on 1/1/11, we will begin The STYLES Project to look at art & culture to find what parts of style can be authentic and more than skin deep.