Tuesday, January 18, 2011

study of styles

This has been an interesting theme so far. With so many possible styles to absorb there is always something new.

A couple days ago I met Momo for a session. She pointed out some of the elements of my own personal style, such as preferring very outdoorsy locations and flowing motions. I find it is true that I tend to follow a pattern in my dance, which is a bit ironic because I started butoh to break out of old patterns. So I can see the wisdom in challenging ourselves to try new styles. To break out of old patterns, to learn new gifts to incorporate in the dance and in life, to foster creativity and innovation.

In this dance with Momo we tried several different styles, for example my usual flowing one to more linear staccato movements. Besides learning some new styles I had a lot of fun with this one.

Many thanks to Momo and to Kazuo Ohno.


  1. styles is so much fun! very interesting to see you/us breaking out into different territory and evolving ..from paying attention to style.
    How did it feel to change your movement patterns? foreign and forced? or liberating?
    I see an interesting theme surfacing in these dances of how to expand our vocabulary of movement that is uniquely ours, while still dancing "FREEstyle"
    it is a joy to see you & momo in movement exploring together :)

  2. Thanks Carolyn.
    The change in movements actually felt pretty good. Not forced, completely freestyle in that I did not plan, just went with what the momo-ment called for!
    The movement is already within, I just have to uncover it, make the new movements part of a grander personal style.

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  4. Wonderful to see you play together here! How did the 'new' movements feel to you afterward? Did you want to keep going?
    Love the uncovering of movement, it is a brilliant way to see our 'styles' emerge naturally of their own accord.
    I can see you are having great fun, your spontaneous dance put a smile in my heart, thank you Art/Rev and momo.

  5. Thank you Misty Eve Hannah! ☺

    To answer your questions...it felt freeing. Free from worry, free from conscious thought. Freestyle! The movements were not totally foreign to me. But I have not generally added these things to my prevalent style(s). (yet) Style is always dynamic I believe.

    At the time Momo and I ended the dance, it felt like it was the right moment. It was quite a bit longer than the final video posted here (edited for the sake of brevity). I was a little tired but happy and satisfied.

  6. such a wonderful exploration of self, movement and styles... a joy to witness! thank you, dear rev!