Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let 2011 Ring!

My life has been in a state of transition for quite awhile now, and it continues to do so. My entire family is settling new roots in vastly different areas as I say goodbye to my childhood home and a huge chapter of my life.

Trains and birds have been everywhere! Calling me on to transformation, to the next place, to the next phase in my journey.

On 1/1/11 New Year’s Day I was blessed to share a very scared dance in Space.

I was on my way to the park near my home, but to my surprise it was closed. No matter, I was determined to be with mother nature and dance with her. . ..

Outside of the gates I found myself drawn to a tree. I later realized this tree was hurting- it had a huge gash and there was trash around it. I cleaned up the area, burned sage and danced with the tree as I sent my energy and love to the universe. Before I knew it I was in trancedance and a bellowing song came out of me:

I am the Earth and All she contains” This is the song we sing for the Mother Archetype. Mother Earth. I felt I was transformed and with her in dance and in space. I felt her pain… heavy… the palpable sense of preparing for future battles to come. I felt love. I sank into the earth and we held each other. I ended by giving many offerings and thanks.

*I would like to take this time to express how deeply grateful I am for this soulful transformative practice. How thankful I am for ALL of the ELEMNETS and the blessing of being able to dance them all. A very deep thank you to our beloved MoMo and ALL of you. . . what a beautiful thing we have here! I am absolutely humbled by it. **

A few days later I finally allowed myself to begin the process of saying goodbye to everyone and everything in Virginia. My sweet lover who has helped me to grow, my friends, family, and chosen family whom have all left. . .

I was overcome with heaviness and grief, but suddenly I knew immediately what to do. I drove myself to Byrd Park where I often rehearsed outdoors with soulsisters in theatre. There are many birds that inhabit that area. .. something just told me to go see the geese that I have had such a fondness of. As soon as I reached the water I began to sob--- AND THEN! A circle of ducks surrounded me. It was as if they had been waiting for me. They surrounded me and breathed. All talking, all squawking. Comforting me.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. They seemed to say. I was overcome with joy and danced with and for them, the water, gloomy grey sky and rain, all washing over me.

I danced heavily with an iron handrail, it seemed to become The Creator who was truly holding me up in life and in dance.

I then came upon a sign- the geese that had once populated this park had been removed after complaints about overpopulation and waste management. My duck friends then led me to the one lone grey goose left in the entire park. We stared at each other for a long, long time. I sent her love, power, and comfort. I received the same.

She was not alone, and neither am I.

Happy 2011 with Love~~~


  1. I wholeheartedly agree that this is a very special thing we got going here! It is 11:11 as i write this....Now each time I hear or say the word "eleven", i also hear "lovin'" .... your elemental journey and sharing the dance experience with SPACE is so rich. The images so simple...evocative and essential yet leaving my imagination to play...the one picture reminds me of something i was told of today about sometimes it takes a LONG time and a heavy duty working over by the elements of water, heat, pressure, being eaten and pooped out by birds, buried and unearthed, frozen cold and more before a seed is able to CRACK open for germination. they actually have chemicals to repel the process, to slow it down.....
    where is your seed heading next i wonder?
    when and how will it finally come to germination?
    i loved the image of you & your DucKs in a Row....a circular row....with you in the center of their breathing comfort...
    the images of you are on the edge....scrambled, unsettled, exiting/entering frame...the
    as we are entering The Styles Project now, i notice the choices you make for spacing, size, color. your choices appear BOLD, quirky and emotionally charged like the lines in your that part of your style? your words are tender, transparent, that part of your style?

  2. yes, you are the tree, the ducks, the earth. lovely imagery. WE are all the tree, the ducks, the earth. Thank you for sharing your heart filled song with us. Where to next for you? hmmmm...magnificent to ponder your new adventure! the unfocused photo of you seems to shimmer, like a reflection in water, tranquil.

  3. so touching to read of your journey at this time... of all the letting go and the new discovering-s of your connection to other beings... such as the ducks... thank you for including the geese, too... i was so saddened to hear of how cities are 'removing' geese from parks... you / they / we/ are not alone... thank you for the dance / reminder... beautiful... love the art, too...