Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dizzy, me and maybe even Marlene

This is in response to momo and Kazuo Ohno asking us to 'freestyle'.
The dance here is inspired by Dizzy Gillespie's exquisite trumpet music and humour. This song is called 'Kush'. It is his tribute to mama Africa. Kush was an early civilization in north Africa (where Sudan is today). They were around from 2000 to 1500 BC. 


  1. yes, a reckless sort of living room fun style! has such power, yes! as do our stylistic forbears....they both help us to wake up and free up our possibilities beyond where we have gone before....i see this in action in your film/dance....and then i also see the limitations of your space, your types of motion, your solo situation--i imagine the dream inside you to share this with others and see how this is happening now through this blog format and our company collaboration and eventually when you arrive in a more populated area soon it can happen in your every day interactions and this dance....
    ...i still wanted to see the space "broken" even MORE by you! such as you getting up on the couch (or behind it for that matter) or on the fireplace and so on. I saw the possibility of MORE gateways of energy/emotion changing and opening--through your eyes, face, voice, back and so on.....dizzy was really doing a supernova. it is a huge challenge when being in the limits of any given physical body, the living room and so can we truly journey in and through and BE the stuff of star power and emerging big bang evolution!! ? and do it together?
    maybe moving from the impulses in the tissue of the heart?
    any ideas for taking this ever further?
    thank you for your aesthetic response misty!

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  3. loved witnessing this dance and your practice of uncovering the core, misty eve... i felt the same way after reading momo's post on freeSTYLE - wanting to dance to some favorite music and dance freely moment to moment to that experience of connection to sound and connection to 'other' that is greater than our often limited views of 'self'... i find it interesting to notice things about our dances in retrospect, in the viewing of them afterward as you said - it seems sometimes like another 'being' moves us in a way that is unrecognizable during the dance... i see a lot of inner fire, humor and courage in this dance... and i loved momo's comment, too... appreciate so much her ability to see us from her depth of experience in dancing freely from the soul... thank you for inspiring me...