Saturday, January 1, 2011

dancing fire

Good morning

fire with
your inky red wisdom
your slashes and dashes
come join me

fierce editor come gobble and
purge yesterday's

versions of monsters
mooses turned rabid
in ravaging heat

(shy sputtering outline of darkness
can’t hide
stiff hunching back bearing boulders)

clumsy lurches and churning
gurgling belly in bunches
breakfast for your greedy
heat reaching through glass

good night
feast on leftover
wordy dead wishes
with hot tongued kisses
kindly return my misspellings to ash


  1. felt bravery & mystery. power of intention & action....offered to the fire = transformation...just peering into the shadows of something at our very foundation and certain that we could explore the elements for a lifetime.

  2. thank you for sharing your fire and transformation... your passion poem, your shadow and the flame... feel honored to witness the burning...