Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sanctuary and the Heart-Fire

An angel told me, "The only way to walk through fire without getting burned is to become fire." Drew Dellinger
It seems there is so much peace within our hearts and at the same time such a passionate and wild fire.

While care-taking for my elderly mother, who is recovering from a femur fracture and surgery in her nursing home, I am reminded of the necessity of  an open-heart of compassion while holding onto an inner fierceness while being her advocate. 

There is such a tendency, it seems, to over medicate seniors with morphine so they will not experience any pain. But how is the pain determined and what is too much medication? How do you determine pain when the patient is unable to speak because there is too much medication? If there is too much medication, my mom is 'snowed,' as they call it, so she can not eat or drink - which would mean a certain dwindling into dying.

This dance was inspired by the challenge I have been having of finding balance for my mom's well-being so she could move into a place of healing and so she would not pass away because of a broken leg - from the reprocutions of being overly medicated.

This dance was a prayer for her, and for all the elders who are in pain, as they move closer to their end of life, towards the realm of light, spirit and the realm of mystery... May they find inner peace on their journeys...
Here, at my childhood home, building a fire in a rusted old steel drum I found in the garage, on a frosty star-filled night in the woods behind the house -  dancing the wildness of the inner flame - the fire of the soul's inner sanctum.
Grateful for our dancing journey here with Momobutoh Company...

New Years blessings to you all!


Friday, December 30, 2011

to breathe in small spaces

"I'm sttttttttttrechinnnnnn
now I'm breathing, sweet releasing
yes, to remember.
now I'm giggling cryin laughin
m o v i n g
a simple sacred danceofbliss .....just bein"

I was walking around Paris with my family a few days ago. It was very crowded and some what of a tense day. shoving, language barriers, traveling difficulties, grey weather. after a few failed plans, my family settled on visiting Notre Dame. we waiting in the long line that was moving rather quickly. it was cold. no one in line with me was chatting or joking. we were tired. as we approached the Church, there was a sign: "no flash photography, no talking, remove your hats" we all obeyed. upon entering the church I immediately felt it- SANCTUARY. i sat by myself in the back of the dark church and released. cried. sighed. i admired the beauty of this place and the candles flickering in the glow amidst the expansive architecture and stained glass. This church was filled with tons of people, a lot of the very same people I had been sharing my day with on the crowded trains and streets, but the energy was so totally different. Sweet Peace. I collected myself and found my family. The energy between all of us had changed. We had needed that moment of Sanctuary, as we all do from time to time. How simple, and yet how powerful sacred space can be. Its funny how we can forget that, or refuse to acknowledge it, or even fight it. Sometimes Sanctuary is given to us, but sometimes we must seek it out, or create it.
I have been creating sanctuary for myself wherever I am by lighting a candle. Sometimes I make a ritual out of it, creating a lot of space and time, burning sage, and performing other rituals...but other times just the act of flame to wick is enough. I find that no matter what state I am in or what little space I have available, lighting a candle helps me to center myself, to quiet, and to realign. To breathe. Perhaps I'm reconnecting to my fire essence. . .

i am very thankful for the Dance of this passing year and all it has taught me.
So many Gifts and Challenges.
2011 was a year of fighting, growing, searching and moving. Of adventure, freedom, and being humbled. i danced fast, i danced hard, i danced for the show of it, and then finally i danced stillness. gratitude.
as i move forward into 2012 I am focusing my practice more on drawing, writing, and scoring.
and of course, learning, expanding, being, playing, sharing, staying.
i look forward to sharing images of my current practices very soon, once I return to the U.S. next year!
I wish you all Love and Blessings for the New Year. I look forward to moving and sharing with you all.

a very Special Thank You to our Mentor Momo. . . <3

SOMA ~ Sanctuary Of Moving Arts ~ SONGS

Voice and song are the newest conscious layers to my DailyDance practice at Butopia. This month I entered the space of SOMA (Sanctuary of Moving Arts) and/or the LAND here at Butopia to deepen my relationship and understanding of our plant relatives. The trees have been especially strong. Alder, Douglas Fir, Maple, Cedar, Madrona and Yew have all shown up to dance and sing with me during December. Today Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetables guided a student and I to learn more of the feminine/yin way of being in the body; with dance & voice.  New songs and dances have emerged and always my deepest prayers, pains and joys of my heart are illuminated and given guidance. Whatever is "up" on a given day I can bring it into the Sanctuary of WildLife and ask plant relatives for witness and support. The two videos here reveal a peek into of what came to pass.
     I have committed to many practices this year related to nurturing the WildLife Sanctuary here. My foundational practice consists simply of setting aside all the ToDo lists of life, all electronic communication devices and social engagements and going to practice on the LAND for 1 or more hours each day. I have never had a consistent PLACE of my own that is available 24/7 to support and uphold my butoh practice and Embodied Art journey. It is a dream come true that simply requires my embodied attention and presence and in return, I am healed. I receive songs, dances, insights, answered prayers, beauty beyond measure, deep connections with the heart & soul of myself & others. I am so grateful and humbled by this gift.
      Still, there are days that are cold, there are resistances inside and out, there are distractions and pulls that I occasionally do allow to keep me from receiving this gift. Having YOU to witness and join me in this process gives me the strength to delve into that fathomless mystery of my body & soul. It supports me to follow my true nature and set aside the blaring never-ending drone of industrial-socio-economic conditioning that says: "don't let go" "there is nothing for you there" "who do you think you are?!" "that is dangerous, stupid & crazy" and all sorts of other negative messages preventing a life of DANCING (and singing) FREELY.
     Thank you for your company, thank you for your witnessing, your love and your own commitment to showing up. See you in the Sanctuary. Thank you for reading, watching, subscribing and following our collaborative blog. If you feel called, connecting directly with me to explore whether this type of Embodied Arts practice might be something for you. MomoButoh Dance Company members and myself are always happy to welcome new community members. Sanctuary Songs Wood Songs in SOMA

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

wild life sanctuary

This is graphic recording of our 12/10/11 Conference Call with MomoButoh Dance Company by Patricia Kambitsch.  So powerful to cycle through the word, image/drawing and then again into the body movement/dance when we connect and co-create with one another. I invite all members to do this consistently. Thank you Patricia for helping us Re-Member!