Sunday, February 27, 2011

Looking Back to Love

The past is like a dream...amazing how with photos & video records we can travel back to re-experience past as NOW. I have held these image relics, memories of past loves from our MomoButoh theme for Feb 2011. For months they awaited their time to be consumed as food for the eyes, heart and mind. Perhaps they have been fermenting or ripening like the apple cider vinegar & sauerkraut I have been making a lot of recently. It is a way of culture. Perhaps this time allows a more cultured perspective on these love dances, allowing their more complete digestion and assimilation. Or maybe it is just a way of nostalgia to look back with adoration. Please watch and see if it feels like NOW or THEN... or as if in a dream to you.
One thing for sure...the baby who was in Nala Walla's womb THEN has NOW emerged through a powerful rite of breach home birth passage and is a beautiful little boy named Montana! That is certainly a blessed dream come true. Soon I will be sharing a bunch more about Nala and her consultations in EcoSomatics, Somatic Job Site & Team building that we will be integrating when collaboratively crafting the new 11-sided MomoButoh Dance & Retreat Center...yet another dream-come-true in the making.
If you are interested in participating in this summer residential life/work/dance internship on the land, please contact me soon to apply. We are now accepting applications and expect the 6 positions to fill quickly.
For now, let's peer into the dreamy past and witness "Blessing Way Love for Nala Walla" film here:

Earlier that day, I was dancing in a rapture with the WIND on the ferry toward Port Townsend. This is the video memory of ThaT dance SO Long aGO:
"So Long Wind" to music by Davendra...
For the love of it, I have now moved to a new home on the land where we will be doing butoh & building training. This video was from one of the last days spent in my beloved apartment where I enjoyed hanging from the rafters. It is a dance of remembering self-love by dancing & asking the questions: "How can I love myself more? How can I be even MORE loving?" E11even is everlovin' number ONE!

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