Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lynn Mizono: A Life of Fine & Fun Design

Meeting Lynn Mizono was like entering an exquisite new and paradoxical world that I was somehow already familiar with in my DREAMS. Ms. Mizono IS the essence of all the finest art and design I experienced while living in Japan cultivated in a west coast USA context; all the while being a totally unique creatrix unto herself. While being tastefully refined and even formal; everything she devises also contains a playful smile of whimsey and humor. All in all it is difficult to contain in words and must be experienced. Her ART of daily life is consistent and connected to her essence even in the most deep & intimate areas of space behind the bed, inside the bath and closets. A short list of some most remarkable parts of her decor include poetry etched in the glass of the front door, unmarked bottles of multi-colored liquids, puppets hanging over the bed and life sized metal mesh bodies floating over the living room; a bathroom sink that colorfully responds to voices, a posing kitty, the most orderly closet & studio full of mysterious art-garments that I have ever seen, stairs that change colors and a see-thru second floor landing to name just a few. Her delicacy, simplicity, specificity to every tiniest detail, luxurious economy and whimsey all inspired my butoh dance to have a similar essence.

TRY THIS: Take time to be with and examine your own lifestyle & design choices. How are they consistent with your essence/soul or not? How can you align your creativity and action choices more congruently with your essence and soul?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55xPff0iLpU (this film has a little edit glitch that I am fixing now...pretty sure you will enjoy watching it anyway)




I share these images & film to offer a taste of how I was touched, moved, nourished, entertained and changed by our collaboration. The time here was particularly striking because Lynn's home is nearly the polar opposite of the brilliant colors and small space packed with decorative items that I had just experienced earlier that day at Victoria's place. (Victoria & Lynn are very close friends). Lynn and & I had so much fun during this 2 hour spontaneous exploration wherein I entered her home, interviewed her, put on her clothes & danced in her space. We hope to co-create a good deal more together in the near future.


  1. juxtaposing theses two dance experiences (at victoria's and lynn's) is exquisite! their homes are such beautiful expressions of their beauty-filled spirits... witnessing your aesthetic dance responses to their 'styles' is a joy - so filled with spontaneity, sensitivity, and whimsy... so much of lynn's home looked like a 'stage' with just the right props and costumes for your dances!
    thank you for inspiring!