Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dances with wood sculpture

Choosing a Significant Other: I chose the Wood Sculpture Momo brought home from the WilderDance Retreat last year. My aesthetic response was to leave the house ... it must have been in the 70's !!!?? yesterday Feb ? no way you say?
I went to the rocks where a juniper tree grows big. "David's Tree" is very strong and thick and solid and fibrously hairy. It was so warm I feel asleep craddled by the "spine of the dragon" rock outcropping.
when I returned home my sculpture was waiting to be with me; it was smooth, soft, fragile, twisty, holey, spirally thin. Here are photos of me and my significant other.

After dancing (aesthetically responding) with my wood sculpture I drew this picture ... called a PKIP ... a Pyscho Kinetic Imagery Process ... where the drawing lead me to deeper material in this experience. I saw/noticed in the process of drawing various words and wrote:

As fragile as a baby ...
I carry, lift, hang, swing, turn, spiral, Love, cry sad, peek thru, hold close ...

Horizontal ...... Vertical
spiral on floor .....spin up high
curling up fetal .... legs open like a baby being diapered,
I saw more "stuff" on the right side of my body.

Drawing my dances and dancing my drawings integrates what I might be going thru in my life.
It brings my art into my life as well as my life into my art.


  1. I too am very interested in how dance and visual art might be integrated. I often find myself moved to paint or draw or write something while I'm in the midst of my dance practice. It's as if something MUST be said, somehow recorded in some other way in addition to the movement. Sometimes it works better than others. I think I have to let go of having to create some kind of product that I think is "good enough". The process itself (of co creating with two different kinds of artists within) makes me dizzy. A good kind of dizzy. I find that painting with a big brush on the biggest possible paper or cardboard works best. Also I've tried "dance painting" with feet in paint. So much fun! So much release! So much mess! Worth it all.

  2. your dances combined with your drawings are so lovely, melinda! the placement of the sculpture vertically with your portrait is very powerful... although a strong vertical, i love that it loops its way up organically through your back-bone with the heart-shaped opening filled with a pink egg-like shape... the 'seed' of your heart's longing, your creativity? interesting that there are no legs, but it seems the spiraling, fluid wood shape is strong - so as to be able to support the horizontal movement... through arms and head/hat... would love to see this dance on film... thank you for sharing your creative self in dance and paint - inspiring!