Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Exiting my snowcave, I run with EXUBERANCE

As I emerge from my snow cave I run with EXUBERANCE along the path to ...

I long for my mountain cabin ...

I long to dance with the elements in the high country: the icicles, the bristle cone pine trees, the gentle slopes of sliding on skiis, the outhouse I run from in the distance

to the fire inside ...

the cabin!

MY SNOWCAVE is "on your left" (as they say in Nordic races) in the side-wall of snow where an icicle hangs.



  1. I tried to upload a video but no go. How do we subscribe to youtube?

  2. exuberance indeed! what a lovely image

  3. Love your wild winter play and beautiful environment!
    The snow cave especially looks like you are really immersing yourself in your surroundings.