Thursday, February 17, 2011

Preparing for Baby Vargas, I draw.

Visualizing Baby Vargas ...
while sitting in the stone area; speaking to my very pregnant daughter; preparing for the birth in april;
I draw.

in the picture, I see, I write:
Spiraling votex; light surrounded; upside-down heart shaped; his colors are green and brown; curled up.
I am movement flowing in water, under a white veil, reaching towards you.
Your grandmother, Nana.


  1. precious dance of flowing in water to the 'unseen' one... mmmmm...

  2. Thank you, Lee. I was consumed by the workshop and Antuan arriving but now see your response to me!! At the workshop: Momo asked what gift was going to be given us and mine is the hug of a new born soon. Probably not until April begins... so a bear hug to you!