Monday, March 28, 2011

sharing our dreams, dancing our dreams

We dream
We draw
We paint
We dance
We make movies
We draw and paint
We dance
We make more movies

Lee and I dove into this moon’s MomoButoh theme by working in collaboraton and dancing each other’s dreams. Meeting via Skype and posting on Youtube, we dove in deep! Like any good dream, the process soon became fascinating to experience, but difficult to explain. Images of dancing and dreaming and drawing and painting started to blur ad leak into each other. (When Lee and I speak we often confuse the words dream and dance and draw.)

Let me see if I can tease all this apart and make sense of it.

Lee had a dream. I had a dream. We met via Skype and I drew a picture about her dream. She created a collage. Inspired by her dream images, I danced her dream. She danced my dream. We both posted our dances on YouTube.
This is my video of her dream.

Then we watched each other’s dream dances and let the dances inspire more dreams.

Last week we met again on Skype and drew pictures about what we saw in each other's dances. Next step: we dance about what we saw in each others dances.

Here is a dreamish montage of more dancing inspired by Lee’s dance that was inspired by our dreams.

For a minute I was pulling my hair out trying to make sense of all this dreaming and dancing and art making. I felt like Lee and I were holding mirrors up to each other and creating an infinity loop. Where would it end? How would I write this post?

Then I was saved by Carolyn’s seriously lovely dance and whimsical post. Carolyn reminded me that dreams have their own logic, their own wisdom.

I hope to bring more wisdom and whimsy and collaboration into future projects. I’m so grateful to Lee for sharing with me and deepening the process.

Thank you to all! And, for clarity, see how Lee explains it in her next post.

You can see a composite of other collaborations with MomoButoh Company during January's Style dances here.

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  1. Wonderful! Captures the spirit of a dream very well, enigmatic yet full of meaning. Thank you Patricia and Lee.