Sunday, March 13, 2011

March dream conference call

Each month members of the MomoButoh Dance Company have the opportunity to gather via Skype. We discuss the theme for the month (this month: dreams and fantasy). Momo inspires us with intentions, suggestions, and possibilities. We check in, catch up, and tell about our "callings and wallings." We give and receive support for our vows: declarations regarding our intentions for our dance practice, as well.

I'm looking forward to the close collaborations that are forming, even at a distance.

Today's call is dedicated to the healing of all beings affected by the earthquake in Japan.

These are the notes I doodled during the call.


  1. i love your drawings. what a great way to record/reflect on our very lovely and healing and call. thank you.

  2. yes! love this, patricia... drawing / dancing / feeling / dreaming our collaboration on so many levels...

  3. this is perfect for us to have a visual re-cycled score of the dialog we shared. feeling ever more connected and inter-modal artfully inspired! wha i just gotta get those zillions of backlogged momo dance films up on line....ganbarimasho!

  4. Also, I intend to move this image/word a dance...journey with us all on the ever deepening cycle of intermodal arts in life.

  5. Thank you for the kind words about the doodles.
    The intermodal approach with words/drawing/dance has become a real challenge for me. I find myself thinking and planning a bit overmuch. I want to be fresh and, most of all authentic in the dance. So far the words seem to get in the way. Anyone else feel this way? What are your experiences with this?

  6. patricia... have been loving the non-word intermodal exchange with you... working with collage and the non-linear realm of expression has been very freeing... thank you for sharing your challenges... i can relate...