Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Antuan's Swing Dance on Rope

When Antuan visits we always dance! This Jan. 1/2011 they came to visit, attend a babyshower and ski alittle in the high country. The time before he danced with a stick so this time Antuan played on the rope. His feet tell me he is tuning into his body and listening to the movement. What I love about Antuan's dance is how natural and authentic it is. At times he might clown around, which reveals a great deal but it all has very little pretense.

This rope hold was designed for the Cry of the Crane Performance about the Whooping Crane as being a species "on the come-back", a survival story where only 16 birds were left in the whole world. Now there are over 300. This performance score was about my own endangered species, same height, in my back yard, colors of white, black, & red. We used the rope to give us the feel of flying and when Christine first tried it she cried. She was up against fear and judgement but her movement was so real and authentic I told her "I hope you always cry when you dance". That was the year 1990.

Now I will upload the youtube of antuan. (Somewhere, I even have Christine on the rope??)

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