Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Is this love, is this love, is this love" that I'm dancing??? (a song) Is this Style? where I'm wearing my skiwearcostume in below zero weather? Is this family? and I'm dancing with David and Antuan in the everflowingriver dance with watermaterial? or is this all a dream? and I never did any of these photos/videos ... where are they?


  1. OK, How do I connect them all? As I lost stuff before so I chose to post it individually, but now they aren't "On the Same Page"!
    Yuck! Why is my struggle in "Life" so technical? There must be a metaphor here somewhere. Getting stuck in the logistics, the scheduling, the set up; the production; the preparation;
    it takes me out of my body, out of my senses, out of my mind>>> well that's OK with me but my body: I like to BE IN IT!

    Connection! I want to be on the same page as my grandson!

    I want to be On the Same Page... as my self!

  2. struggle, struggle, struggle, and then you DID it! Hurray! yes this is love, yes this is dance, yes yes this is style, yes this is all a dream! You are there, antuan is there, and I am here. it's all pretty amazing, no?

  3. yes! it is amazing! wonderful, melinda! love the rope dance... the chord that connects us to family and to all! love!