Friday, December 31, 2010

claiming space in the woods

Finding space to dance often challenges me. On this very last day of the year I vow to find SPACE, to embody space,

to share space, to claim that space to dance, to move, and to create no matter where I find myself. Even when I find myself in a suburban back yard with neighbors and housemates looking on.
Today while I dance I find the WOODs watching me, protecting me, moving with me, challenging me, and creating this SPACE and holding space for me to dance.

When Momo sent out the call to dance the elements, I immediately thought of how the elements dance within me. I don't think of "dancing the elements" as a metaphor. I'm not dancing like the wind, flowing like the water, moving like air. I am-- in a literal, measurable, concrete sense-- made up of water (mostly) and air (essentially) and minerals (more than just trace) and even fire ( food burns as I metabolize).

The presence of wood is a little harder to recognize in a concrete sense. But as I was dance here in the space created by the trees I can feel their presence. They create the air for me without which I couldn't live. The trees hold me. I am sustained by wood, they are in me.

I CLAIM SPACE, public space, the space in my home, the space in the city, and in the parks, and space in my time as space for movement, space for creation, space for dance.


  1. !!!!
    so unique.
    so beautiful.
    so you.
    so true!

  2. thank you, patricia, for sharing you, the claiming of space and the reminder of the elements within us and dancing from there... i love how the tree seemed to 'stop you in your tracks' and how the dance of space flowed from there... could feel your appreciation for wood / trees... mmmmm....

  3. Today you will see the SMILE that this dance created on my face! (oh, just noticed the perfect timing of Carolyn's comment- wow) ....Loved the music choice....classical, The costume choice....modern. The space choice....backyard urban. The STYLE that is you was already beginning to reveal itself. I wondered about the temperature....what element would that be? How did it feel to be out there? Was it cold? I wanted it to go on was magical and i could imagine getting lost in i played it again & again. I am so thrilled with the offerings that you and ALL of us are giving here. As usual it has me longing for mo mo MORE!!

  4. Hearing your feet crunch through leaves and camera moving with you to help us 'see' what you see is great fun! Such a playful mystery here, thank you Patricia!