Thursday, December 9, 2010

11/11 Mating and Dying

The core of the 11/11 Salmon Restoration Project is our process of mating & dying. At this point we arrive at a spiral HOME where our collective sex & death leads to stillness and then rebirth. It is the essential re-turning point from/to which the salmon will always return. This film is taken at that point along our journey; perhaps the most potent experience of group unity and transformation as well as the densest sensual and emotional impact for all participant/witnesses. In our full body/soul surrender to this cycle of life; we intend to re-member all beings who have been injured by our human ignorance & greed. Please view this short film and share your comments about our emerging YearOfCo11aboration. If you feel resonance with this work and would like to participate more, receive our daily posts and/or be an on-going witness to share this global project; please add your email address in the form on upper right. Thank you.

11/11 Mating & Dying (Part 5)


  1. There were moments when you actually look like fish flapping in the water. The chanting with the movement weaves every one together.
    Thank you to all who participated in this loving endeavor to bring awareness to not only the life cycle of salmon but to all and beyond...

  2. surrender
    wiggle wallow