Monday, December 13, 2010

Ca11 and Response

What does it take to survive? What is our most precious resource? Basic questions like this applied to The Elements Project are what stimulates me to action today....and every day (thanks to attending a "Dance Making for Performance" workshop with Karen Nelson using the Tuning Score this past weekend).

I would say that it takes paying ATTENTION to survive.

I would say that our most precious human resource is ATTENTION. Think of how often a child calls its care giver to attention. Think of how short life would be if we did not PAY attention. Ask yourself: To what and whom to I PAY ATTENTION? What and whom contains that sort of value for me. Where are my preferences and why?

Then in the context of the CALL that I made to you to join this current MomoButoh project about The Elements; notice what draws, hooks and holds your precious attention. How can you CALL, hook and hold the precious attention of others? What RESPONSE can you offer that would be worthy of that precious gift?

Our entire YearOfCo11aboration will be based upon this simple act of CALL & RESPONSE. One of us will send a message, others of us will pay attention and reply as we are moved.

One of our company members mentioned how collaboration is inevitable as her attention to something actually can manifest it in real-life experience. I wholeheartedly agree. This week, as I was preparing to initiate The Elements Project, I began to spontaneously receive (or maybe just notice more) offerings directly related to this theme. Here are two dance responses to Elements that arrived in the past few days. In this case the dancers placed themselves in proximity to the element and responded authentically and physiologically to it. Interesting they were both on RED EARTH.

Sent to Boulder Contact Improvisation community by Lindsay Sworski.

Sent to me by Juri Schmidt.

I believe we can actually MAKE REALITY by how we choose to PAY our ATTENTION. If we give our attention to the news of gloom and doom that is so overwhelmingly present in the main stream media; that IS the REALITY of the world we are living in. If we create our own NEWs Channel--ca11 it channel 11 if you like--that broadcasts daily reports (like the two above) of a good, true, beautiful & positive nature; an artful & abundant universe; the power of love and so on; then THAT will be our REALITY and daily (dance) experience. I am so grateful to be living an authentic, rich, soulful, creative and joyous life connected with many other body/soul friends who are beaming very similar channe11s to this one. What are your favorite news channe11s? Will you please become a trusted source; a news correspondent if you will, with us by sharing what you pay attention to during the YearOfCo11aboration?

There are infinite scores that can be developed to explore each theme for each moon of this YearOfCo11aboration. I have posted a possible score on the "Current Projects" page of this site. Some possible scores exploring The Elements are more imaginary, others more sensual. For example, take an imaginary journey through the channels that air travels in your physical body and be moved in response to the sensual experience of that. I hope that YOU will report on the scores that you devise so that WE can also try them and post our experiences with following those scores.

Here is a co11aboration that arose from the 5Rhythms class I attended this morning. There was a live trio playing percussion and fiddle, there was a room full of fellah dancers and there was a rare and fiery sun beaming outside the window. After 3 days of non-stop pouring rain and dancing inside a studio; I could not ignore the call to dance with the beams of our greatest FIRE in the sky. This is the resulting film from today's experience of exchange and channe11ing fire light and energy between earth & sky; between passing vehicles and breath; within & without the building and my body; between musicians & dancers....

If you enjoy the NEWS you see on this YearOfCo11aboration channe11 please "pay (ATTENTION) it forward" by offering comments; posting this site on FB, Twitter, your blog or wherever you usually get your updates on reality. Thank you & keep dancing freely!
"Fire in the Sky"
Live music by Joseph, Rachman & Elaine


  1. I like call and response. Have done this within my classes using voice/music and movement as the call and response. I find it is yet another way of exchange between all and that when we listen with our entire being it helps us to waken to that which is often dismissed. Thank you for reminding us!

  2. My awareness is me;
    To be aware and to agree
    In a conscious duality.