Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Emerging from Womb of EARTH: Happy Birthday Sensei

This past 6 months since master Kazuo Ohno passed have been deep ones for soul searching and development. I had to take a rest from the computer for a while to regroup, recharge and revision the direction to take with MomoButoh. I spent three days and nights just prior to his birthday in October in dark retreat for deep visioning and prayer. I was laying in a hut upon the EARTH without light, movement, food or water. Upon emerging just before dawn, I danced awkwardly with this new body, a new life. (See film below) Thank you dear ancestor sensei for providing the ground, the foundation upon which I dwell (and especially your precious gift of your fabulous long underwear!). May these daily dances build upon and reach beyond the foundation you created for us all. .

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  1. A beloved cradling in the womb now brought to the light. Thank you for sharing this with us dear Maureen 'momo'. The music box winding and being let go carries me far away. Always I have adored the cogs and wheels of the music box. They are an echo and response to childhood wisdoms. Wisdoms many are "told to outgrow" but of course they remain with us and we are so free when we bring them to the light! : )