Monday, December 20, 2010

What Elements want to be danced thru me?

Aesthetic Response to Momo and Elements conversation: I wrote/drew up a score; a Recycling of sorts:
Five Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Wood, Space
Five Directions: North, South, East, West, Up, Down
Levels: Micro, Macro, (Clouds vs Cells)
Materials: Costumes/Fabric

The time is to take 1 hour moving this activity
or 6 ... 10 minute segments.

Space for me is to Start inside (Dance space)
End outside (Natural area)

The second drawing (ended up top for strange reasons) refers to the Activity:
"Choose" is key word
"Draw" is important part of activity.

Poem about my first exploration:

Curled up on Blue blanket for warmth as water images flowed thru me;
Lying Down, FEELING down, disappearing inward, I move horizontally.

Feeling cold, I need water, I need warm water, surrounding nakedness with hot water-
I bathe, stroke the wetness, release into sadness ... missing the "waterbirth" of my daugter?

My son calls me FOMO : Fear Of Missing Out; I know my lesson is one of "Letting Go";
I did dance my children out of my shoulders, my hips, my breasts, my belly!
I chose Water! I chose "Mystic" cards of the goddesses! I danced Being- in the Unknown!
Fabric: long silky blue, rolled up in: Rolling, Winging, Unwinding, Being Pulled, Being Swayed.

Now I move on to NatureMoves .... Love to all, MeHa, Me West Here ... wish I could add my photo here.


  1. Beautiful imagery with water, birth, your children. The way you wrote of the Fabric made me think of how you may have moved. Dancing your children out...wonderous!!! Thank you for sharing MeHa

  2. thank you for sharing your water / down... could feel the dance with your words... lovely....

  3. This written score you created is something to behold and be experienced! i am excited to try it with a group one day this coming year of e11evens....perhaps at our MomoButoh workshop with NatureMoves in Boulder this spring?! The words here grew into many images and sensations for me....this has me remembering how our dance/life paths can be revealed on so many creative channels each one feeding and inspiring the next...words lead to motion to image to film to drawing to photo to light to energy to motion to image and so on in this ever enlivening elemental spiral. Each and every one of our individual offerings, knowings and perspectives are so essential. I can relate to your Motions Of Missing Out and of waves of birth...without Let Go and MoMo not FoMo:-)!! is a real powerful experience to miss a part of one self....and then to realize the wholeness in what is. Ah, the dance of balance. Beautiful. Thank you for birthing and revealing your vulnerable truth MeHa.