Wednesday, June 1, 2011

your eyes are my eyes

Highlights from the May 28 phone conference of the MomoButoh Dance Company in one minute forty-eight seconds.


  1. Come back Evan. We miss your informative and nonjudgmental comments on the blog.

  2. Thank you! Glad to be invited....very creative video!

  3. yes I & I....welcome L & N! ...yes evan please return....and farewell to misty....yes visual & graphic recording and score making...i see what you heard that we said. i see your imagination emerging through your practiced hands & mind...i see your reflection of our common unity and diverse cities! thank you patricia....the music had a still and "inanimate object" becoming very ACTIVATED for me.

  4. The music enlivened the paper and words in a really upbeat way.
    I felt really touched to be seen. To see my name on that screen. Written by your hands. The fact that I have never met most of you in the company yet feel how all of us are connected through this practice is astouning! This inspires me to draw more....and to oranize more conversations in that same manner.... thanks

  5. wow i see invitation
    i see communication
    i see fun and freedom
    colors and vibrancy
    distribution of information in a feeling oriented way that connects me to the work. i recognize it.
    i see creative juices flowing and reaching out to us as a whole, as well as others.
    i could show this to someone and say: This is what MomoButoh is about!
    yes! welcome Nori! Welcome Laurel!
    Come back Evan
    love to all.

  6. welcome nori and laurel! sorry to have missed this meeting... but did i really? i feel like i was there in this witnessing of the dance of your notes, patricia! love it! and moved by the lee /dad note within it... ahhhhh...XO
    yes, all your dances are my dances, too... thank you, patricia!
    evan - where did you go? yes! i hope you will join us saturday!