Saturday, June 11, 2011

Significant Plants & Animals

"Make me sweet again
Fragrant and wild
And thankful
For any small thing."

Our current theme is Plants & Animals so MomoButoh practice partner Patricia and I vowed to engage at least one Significant Plant &/or Animal relative each day in a butoh dance exchange. So far, so good. We have engaged with trees, humans, sticks, roots, snails, flowers, anemones, herons, whales and spiders among others. Each relative has a message, a gift, a challenge to share. Each evokes a unique dance from us. Snail/Slug moved SO slowly and was SO extremely sensitive to my presence and every move. I've been especially interested in how one relative introduces and leads to another. For example, today when I was dancing with a purple Azalea, a black & white spider dangled along and joined us too. Azalea wanted her old dry blossoms scratched off to make more space for the bright fragrant fresh ones. Spider was reminding me of my grandmothers. Then the Rhodie next door wanted to be included as well asking for some root food. This led us to a great action of making an entire new vegetable garden and planting a tree in our yard, all in 24 hours in pouring rain. Those plant relatives sure are strong motivation coaches!

Sometimes these SOs have mysterious synchrony & connections. One day, while dancing with with some seaweed resting on a large stone. I inadvertently sent a Great Blue Heron into flight, which in turn led me to finding a beautiful rock with "1111" unmistakably inscribed on it. I came home to communications from company members and it turns out GBHs are communicating among our MomoButoh members all over the place this week. Carolyn, who is in Florida said they are showing up by her daily, Patricia was stalked by one in Vancouver, BC, Misty Hannah (who is stepping away from the company toward other activities now) sees one regularly in her neighborhood in County Cork, Ireland. One showed up in a student's drawing yesterday, without conscious intention or prompting from me, after her butoh exploration of 4 senses: One-der, Touch, Life & Movement.
We are all relatives, all connected and in this web of dynamic exchange and if we listen, each being has a great deal to share with us. A daily Significant Other butoh practice helps to awaken consciousness & connection with abundant allies and friends each offering unique resources to inspire soulful life/art.

These films are from recent dances with Plant & Animal relatives whale & alder tree roots, lawn grass, anemone, barnacle, cottonwood and cacti....What better way to get acquainted? With other, with self, with all creation...all our relations.

Apologies for the immense backlog of dances & films. I have been scrambling to catch up; processing and posting them in "chunks." Thank you for witnessing and sharing your reflections through your comments below.


  1. From Evan's piece I feel the touch lush wet spring, I feel the pull of gravity to the earth, the opening earth. The changing angle of the shot pulls me in. The dancer's hands and the belly crawl the voices of children, the face touch, the foot touch the dog bark the rolling camera, the rolling dancer, the touch, the gentle slow fall, pull, the wet grass, the touch

  2. in Evan's piece i see a growing man trying to remember how to play, to be.
    i see the earth there waiting.
    i see occasional brief moments of true exchange with the green squishy grass.
    i see a longing, a struggle as he grabs for the roots of the tree
    i see a confused dancer
    i feel a sadness

    this piece is very beautiful and has brought tears to my eyes several times. there is a honesty in the revelation of the struggle within this practice that is beautiful in itself. i really admire the bravery of the dance/dancer AND the work of the recorder/witness/editor. i feel this is a true collaboration and total package for me as an audience member/witness here on the digital screen. very pulled into a visceral reaction. thank you.

  3. evan - feeling like a baby discovering the world / self around me for the first time... presence and connection to that which is directly in-front of you moment to moment - including your hand :~) feeling the deep connection to other...
    momo - ocean, earth, sky, tree /s, cacti... feeling their presence move you moves me... thank you... makes me feel them deeply within...