Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Experiences in Rewind

So being in Germany for a month was an experience in of itself. It was there that I really became initated into MomoButoh Dance Company. Being that I didn't have the luxury of posting videos nor taking too many of them because of electronical differences between Europe and the USA, I am now ready to post some videos that were taken during my stay in Bonn, Germany. As Butoh has recently plopped into my life I am already noticing the differences in how I interact with my day and surroundings. Every moment is an opportunity for art, creation, and expansion. Butoh for me (as I am learning and trying to grasp what it really is...) at the moment is a way of life, a practice. It is another word for "improvisation in the presence of Now". It is a deep exploration of what is always present and there: we enable our bodies to interact with this presence-allowing movement and stillness to possess us.

This video was inspired by the theme of the month of connecting with plants or animals as our significant other- this process in general has become such a rich experience and a really grounding one at that. It is always so amazing how one simple interaction with a plant, a simple dance totally shifts my energy back towards my heart. A simple dance brings my whole being into the now.
So this video is more of an expression of the totality of all of my significant others surrounding me in that forest as opposed to one particular focus.



  1. Ah, Germany. Land of my grandmothers' grandmothers. I see a dreamlike setting. Is this really real? I feel a longing for some memory of a black and white world I'm not sure I remember, something I might have imagined. The movement starts out very slowly, I am reminded to put time on hold for a moment. I am patient. I explore this little patch of space with you and I feel the distance of many miles, and yet I feel the movements and tactile sensations in my own body. The touch of the dirt and the log in my feet. Hearing the natural sounds of the woods brings me outside. I'm called to listen to the birds.

  2. thank you for sharing your heart and bringing us into the now with your dance, nori... the beauty of the place you danced in... the shadowy depression, the earth like your body, your body contours like the earth and like the trees reaching to the heavens... dreamy...