Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rose and Cactus Flower S.O.

i am in love with discovering my significant others.
a tire swing teaches me balance
a blade of grass and breeze preach ease
listening . . .
reveling in every precious moment
i can't help but beam.

i am surprised again and again.

"and i find i know what i already knew"
I had a lovely dance with a rose bush in my grandma's garden.
after asking to be shown my S.O., a hawk flew overhead and my core led me to the pretty pink blooms.
When I got closer, I became more connected with their sturdy trunks and spiky thorns.
What a tough and beautiful flower!
Next my attention was brought to a tipped over cactus flower, growing sideways in the grass.
I danced its sharp thorns, its prickles and horns.
I danced its buds, closed oh so tightly, waiting to BURST!
I danced the in between of blooming soft pink rose petals
and tight closed cactus buds.
Then I thanked the flowers with words and a playful spraying from the hose!
This too became a dance, the water crystals dusting the flowers, dusting me, relieving us both of the bright sun. The water cast rainbows before us both, me and my Significant Others. :)


  1. Enjoyed reading how you danced to those roses, observing and experiencing in the moment and with intent.

    I was especially intrigued to hear about the hawk and how it guided you to a significant other. I've had a few hawk sightings myself lately; it feels like an honor to me when I see them circling nearby.

  2. what a joy to witness your connections with the significant others in your life - the dance of juxtapositions of the soft pale pink petals and the prickly spines of the cactus... and sharing the rainbow gifts from water so beautifully given to you and your SO's... ahhhh.... beaming with you!