Monday, May 23, 2011


Hi there.
I wanna talk to you.
Yeah, You !
I wanna speak with you in a language without words. . .

I long to look inside of your eyes,
witness the gateways open across time and space,
and play with that inner child waiting.

mine says:
Hi there!
Wanna be friends?
Wanna Dance?
Wanna plaaaaay?
its getting kind of lonely here
talking in this screen to screen way

Today I'll hold our spirit sticks and send a call to you,
my salmon brother and sister souls
remember how we gave birth and died together?
mated, rose again and tied ourselves willingly to the crimson cord;
laughing, giggling, suckling all the way. . .

I dance for you.
I dance for us.
I dance for creation, destruction and all that is in between.

I dance for the days that I don't want to dance,
when I feel like I can't
when excuses are more rampant than inspiration or self truth.

I dance for healing, for transformation
I long to dance for social justice and Mamma Earth too.
Yeah I have dreams
dreams I can speak of, thanks to you.

Today I'll find my nature friends
special significant others
whispering sweetly
When I myself am quiet.

I hope to meet you there
eyes, heart, and palms wide open
in the soft heart of dawn calling


  1. i danced with my 11/11 sticks yesterday.
    i danced the essence of each of you, those who were present @ the ritual, and our new member Nori.
    it helped me to feel very connected, and it was a great way to feel and experience different qualities of movement and ways of being/seeing.
    i hope you felt the energy coming your way!

  2. This entry inspired me to write the cold damp earth entry. I especially was moved when you wrote " I dance for the times that I don't want to dance"... what a beautiful reminder to keep our practice as a dedication- that it is ok to have the days where we struggle- then we can dance the struggle dance, or the resistance dance.... thank u

  3. this warmed me from the inside depths... that you were connecting to us all from memories of dancing together and with your 11 11 sticks... your writings always inspire me and touch me... love that you danced with your nature friends... yes i hope to meet you 'there' with open heart and palms... thank you, dear one... love...