Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aesthetic Response to Dreaming of Balance

During our last lovely conference call for the month of May, among many things, MomoButoh discussed our INTENTION. . . and one of our intentions is to connect to each other. I want to deepen my connection to this work and all of you, so here I am with my first attempt at a creative aesthetic response.

I wanted to keep it simple. So I witnessed Lee's video Balance. I am very inspired by Lee, and her obvious deep commitment to this work and her generous offerings on our blog here. My intention is to reach out, and give a creative response to her dance, in hopes that we will all find new and exciting ways to reach each other across the distance.

After watching the video, I immediately turned the camera on and let whatever wanted to come out, come out. I was a bit shy, it being my first try, but it felt pretty good.
I seemed to hit on something by playing with balance on the bed behind me.
So I turned the camera on again and filmed a short response to Lee's dance by dancing while her dance was playing on my computer. I couldn't see it, but I could hear the music, and the sounds of her dance. I used my imagination to recall my favorite images from the video. I did not edit the videos at all. I did the whole thing pretty quickly so as to not allow my censor to come into play.

So here is my response:

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  1. Thank you , Carolyn, for your kind words! Thank you for reaching out with your dance and film in response to my dance... wow! I appreciate so much how you just went with your aesthetic response regardless of the differences in our locations - mine outside on furniture and yours indoors in the intimate setting of your bedroom... so interesting to me how the location can influence the mood of the dance... love witnessing also, the contrast and differences in being filmed and having the camera 'follow' you versus the limitations of the tripod setup! there is so much more freedom to move freely when the camera follows you about :~)
    yes, i could feel the unstable-ness of the bed in your dance and the similarity to being on the unstable ladder-thing i was on...
    i liked also the two variations of your memory (love seeing you look so connected to me in love and joy in your response to me and my dance) and then the one using the music - the black and white version looks very dreamy...
    thank you for 'seeing' me and your response and your spontaneous lemon kiss X