Monday, November 28, 2011

PAPERBARK WONDERMENT/A significant other practice/to awaken wonder.

I have noticed over the past month or so a great sense of inertia, within mind, within body. A real resistance to what is, to change, to flow, to movement, to dance, to LIFE! This heavy sense of inertia, had me questioning the very essence of movement…movement is… movement comes from…goes to… unmoved mover..immovable..…will I move again…Did I ever stop? I long to find the wonder in it all again - Regaining a sense of wonder is surely key to unlocking inertia..?I took these questions to a beautiful old Paper bark tree at the foot of my mothers yard. The sunlight, peeping through her branches beckoned me to play...and finally... I was inspired to move…

I dance with Paperbark tree/she gives me her bark/floating through/spring sunlight skies/warm bones/twisting limbs/like twisting branches/we ARE seed/we ARE soil/we grow as tree does/rooted to earth/forever reaching to heaven/we ARE axis/divine conduit/Soul IS constant/Motion is constant/never ceasing/only passing through us/ without containment/Resistance IS DANCE

Wise paperbark/has seen me grow/knows all my stories/watches silently as the world changes/if I cannot dance with her/I cannot dance at all/if we must know what moves us/why we dance?/all we need to do is look at paperbark and listen/how then could we not begin to dance?/how could we not remember/ that to move/we must be moved/to be moved/we must first see the wonder!/the wonder of every leaf/every string of bark/every paperbark.


  1. Your poem, images and story touch me and I am SO HAPPY for you and your practice! I wish you could see the big smile on my face as I read of the paper bark. Yes, that gentle boundary of containment....interesting, I never told you about the 12 senses practice but you found the first sense: the sense of ONE~derment! and that is paired with sense of TOUCH. They are both connected with our very earliest experiences of the world somatically....when we first learn how we are BOTH separated and connected by our skin....a membrane, boundary AND contact point all in one. Like bark. Keep sharing as you glad you joined us....looking forward to introducing you on the conference call to all the others. Welcome welcome welcome!!

  2. Yes. so nice to meet your tree and feel your feet thru paper, I love feet, too. Seeing your sunlight and shadows is sacred. Sweet dreams until we meet.

  3. I dreamed about dancing with trees last night and your post helped me to re-member! Thank you, Alix!