Monday, November 21, 2011


Revisiting the 11/11 site, dancing as and with the salmon, the bear, the eagle, the human(s). Integrating them all into my own nature, my own place in the cycle of life. Looking into and forward to the future. I'm grateful for and to all of the beings I have communed with, especially to Momo and all those who shared this time and place and dance with me. Many thanks to all!



  1. gorgeous lighting, such beauty there! such a contrast to our cold and pouring 11 11 day!
    thank you for sharing your integration, rev. yes, feeling the integration of being salmon still as well... such a sacred experience of honoring the salmon... blessings to the salmon...

  2. Such a stunning place and time with the sunshine! Amazing with bare feet and short sleeve shirt. Different than our experience on 11/11/11 eh? There is a peacefulness in the sounds, the textures, your pace of being with it all. Wonderful that you got to go back and dance the full score again with one camera shot. I see you very concentrated and sincere in following your score with ernest presence and honor. I am wondering who those other people are there? That hat really suits you! Thank you for your touched by seeing the para11el offering sticks still standing there at sunset.