Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scoring high

Dancing through the changes.
Bringing in more presence.
Breeze is blowing, body's flowing
Humbled by the great full moon
Bowing to the elements

My struggle in finding my own home- That home that is constantly within myself. Struggling with the Maya- the outward distractions and suggestions of pre-judged life.
What obstacles am I swimming upstream against? My own angst, fears, and forgetting.
Forgetting that too my body will die, my purpose complete in this physical realm, releasing into the greater cycles of existance- exisDANCE.
So I seek to find connection in all of my surroundings. Where is my home? What is my bodily purpose? Won't I constantly be fullfilling this purpose by connecting to my own home within my center.
In someway our lives reflect that of the struggling salmon; swimming against all odds to find their original birthing place, only so many make it to then mate and release their physical bodies a few hours- days later.
How many of us are in a struggle to connect? To remember our true home- our birthing place. The place where the soul dwells, the place we all know deep inside our hearts?
And: when we find our home- will we remember it?
How many of us are willing to sacrifice our lives for the continuation of the life cycle?
What a beautiful release.... honoring our mother... allowing for our bodies to decompose in the earth they were created. Nothing is wasted.

I have been working on my score for 11/11/11...

I will be stationed by a tree. Representing the return home portion of the life cycle of the salmon-

Again trees have entered my life: representing the grounding of both earth and connection to sky.

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