Thursday, October 27, 2011

From Point A to Be : aesthetic response to the aspen fall

My dance of 28 min edited to 8 min. and with sound! Thank you to Azumi Oe, for helping me!

I moved from point A, on the Stairs that are brand new and look like an engineer built them (not a dancer) so I was making friends with them ... to to the bench I bought for my mothers memory, (I wore her dress here) sharing my sorrow and saddness with her; to the Solar Panels where I felt invaded by an unnatural structure until I chose to dance on it and again became friends ... to my "wishbone tree" a grieving tree for my giving spirit in black; to my burial in dirt and cleanse w warm water by women. This is apart of my Universal myth; my story of birthing my life from dance. Point Be is the place inside, imbedded, embodied, impacted, implanted ... I dance to BE.


  1. Wow...elaborate production....with video and sound editing in the mix too. Wonder how you did that. Awesome! Very clear concept, shifting from point A to B and C and D and BE!!! Thank you for posting Meha. Would love to have been there of course. The best part is the process and doing of have certainly re-integrated dance/life ...home/body/ much!! Congratulations.

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