Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunrise Progressions

I camped out on top of a mountain on Saturday.
I hiked up with a friend of mine- then we set up camp apart from eachother to do a "solo nite" in silence!

The following morning was full of butoh inspiriation moments.
Originally I had the idea to start off before the sun hit my side of the mountain, when it was still super cold, and as the sun progressively rose I would take off layer after layer-
The video snapshots kind of show that but not in the ideal way I would have imagined.

My idea was to meditate for hours on the mountain ridge....
HAHA that went well.
First there are wayyyy  tooooo manyyyyy mosquitos for one's comfort-
Second I have a really hard time sitting cross legged because I have this wierd thing where my limbs fall asleep really quickly.
Third- There was just no way other than to lie down in my tent, to get comfortable to sit without moving for hours on an end.
So thus we revert back to butoh.
Moving in the midst of nature- being comfortable- and attempting to be still.

I found a really helpful way to quiet the mind is to just walk ultra ultra slow- it begins to feel like you are moving at the pace of nature, not at humanities insane speed walk pace

Bliss and love- I like this video- first time I added music


  1. love this dance of connection to sky, earth, water, tree, earth... feeling your embodiment of journey and love the music <3

    loved your story, too - the best intentions and the reality of connecting deeply to the natural world as human-beings!

    feel the joy and inner glow of your connections... the energy exchanges between you and other...

  2. wooo hooo

    I feel a longing to move in this dynamic stillness in this natural world with you and the trees and the rocks and the sky. Longing for the smells and the sun on bare belly and the rocks underfoot.