Saturday, September 3, 2011

The God's are Laughing

I had just written an incredible post.... it got deleted.
So here is my second attemt. This goes to show how nothing is ever permanent- change is constant.

My creation story is BLISS.
I realized this
I choose to expand
Opening my arms to welcome space into my hands

My body moves in the way it chooses
In the joy of spontaneous eruption
My soul can taste ecstasy in the simplicity

Bliss is our inherent birthright
To follow, breathe, and be it
Her laughter tickles my belly
she moves me

Inside the vortex of creation
There sits a dancing God
laughing hysterically

Be bliss
In your experience
Let yourself be moved by it

REcognizing my own creation story...
I was birthed from bliss, I was created by bliss, and I will die in bliss

So when I move I can tap into my most raw state.
Freedom of self expression
It doesnt matter to me what anything may appear to be
Rather, I feel what the dance wants to express though my body
There is no seperation between divine intention and human dancing
Or I'd like to believe that
But it is true, the deeper I surrender to the flow the more bliss I find
The more bliss I find
the more I can hear god laughing


  1. so simply reflective, joyful...blissful is the writing.
    we get to these places of clear seeing and being and then are challenged by things like lost work and such....great that you persevered and shared it anyway. thank you nori.

    i see a dancer in the distance, she is about the same size in the frame as the trees....equal focus and connected....also with the ground, gravity, simplicity and freedom.
    the line between above and below bisects at center.
    a point.
    getting to the point.....
    being the point of center.
    i hear children, a park perhaps? traffic?
    i see light and speed changes....flexibility, fluidity and familiarity of movements.
    she finally comes closer and sees and feels herself...a rest.

  2. thank you, noriana... love how your creation comes from bliss and all is bliss... feel your connection to that bliss from the earth to the sky like the trees in bliss-full-ness... from gravity to light-being... being in the moment and into presence and stillness... mmmmm....