Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grounding Cords to Galactic Center

Yay! it feels good to be writting on MomoButoh's Blog once more. Since the last entry I have been swept away in a frenzy of good times; road-tripping and finally settling into Salt Lake City, UT to start massage school. In our last phone confrence on July 9th- MomoButoh discussed our new theme... which pertains to the cosmic creation story, the macrocosom of things, the universe. One theme that keeps popping up again and again in my life is the theme of finding roots- being able to ground out my physical body and emotions. So part of my new moon cycle's exploration will be the theme of gravity, grounding, and through finding gravity allowing the expansiveness to take flight. Also along the lines of not being grounded whatsover physically- I have mostly let my butoh practice slide except for a few precious days when my traveling partner Shelly and I danced in the woods and in downtown Bellingham, WA. I have let myself slide, let myself go---when I know that my practices are what ultimately will keep me in a centered, grounded place.
The great thing about life is that we can always start anew each day!

I would love to share some of the dances that did happen in the last month... but that feels like old news now.
Instead I will share my rather particularly strange dance that came through today.

Because today has been a day filled to the brim with all sorts of energies.... Because our life is ENERGY.
I sat in a garden. Called the garden of Eden. (This is my creation story. I began in paradise and my way of being with earth was through dance.)
I brought in the awareness of gravity. I felt indifferent. Like glazed over, not able to focus on any one thing in particular. I tried moving but it just felt better to be. I didn't feel authentic if I tried really dancing. I was able to just honor the space I was at.
I sat. In this garden.
I was the only one alive, I and the plants. I wanted to sink deep inside the earth. Let my invisible cords root themselves to the center of Gaia- the center that only gravity knows about, the center that only gravity would let me reach.
I just didn't feel much motivation for expression. Rather my motivation stemmed from a deep desire to sink, to go deep within; myself, cosmos, earth, my heart.
So eventually I stumbled out of the garden.
Feeling statisfied I made that time for myself to connect with me, myself, and I!
It feels like one of those days.
Energy twisting and shaping and reconfiguring my whole DNA structure. I feel like I am feeling- deeply, strongly, truly.

I want to be like a tree for at least a little bit.
With my crown open and extending towards the heavenly cosmos and my roots stretched and burried within my mother. To feel a needed sense of balance and stability. I recognize the need of grounding and having some sort of stability in my life in order to feel like I can really expand artistically. But non-the-less I can allow myself to create from any point in my life. This is the challenge and the beauty. This is the blessing of having a community or company of like-minded artists, we can all lift eachother up and create individual grounding cords through our intimate connections.


  1. Thank you, Nori, for this expansive post. Your words and these images remind me of the spherical nature of the tree: Roots sinking down, limbs reaching up, fractals radiating in all directions from a central core. This sense of sinking to the center speaks to me since the ground, the earth itself is shifting, changing, quaking. Where is this center in my own body? What is my grounding cord? My naval? How do I work in community without losing my center? How can I find the ground when I'm moving around all the time?

  2. mmmm... love reading this, nori... your exploration of dance and writings of your dna transformation... feeling the shifts and the dance within my whole being, too... movement and motion from sinking and grounding... thank you...