Thursday, July 21, 2011

DAnce DancE DANCe

So. Here we are again. I am really attempting to stay in my creative flow here! YA. Bonus points!
In the cosmic theme of the month, I am recognizing many a shiftings- that are occuring cosmicly and translating through each of our individual bodies. How can we maintain our sense of balance in these ever shifting times? How can I express my cosmic dance through a human body bound by a heavy sense of gravity? I can play with what I have. The elements of creation. I can relish in my own divine feminine and shoot it out of each pore with each movement I make. I am embodying my own feminine creative goddess and using that as my cosmic antena. I don't know how else to embody the cosmic creation story other then to dance the moment as it expresses itself through this body. I am estatic. I am joy. I move because I want to. I am free. I can move because I am free. It becomes like an obligation to maintain my sanity.
Oh the paradox of finding my own cosmic dance in the midst of chaos in cosmic realms- and so it is only appropriate that I choose to dance and idealize trees! Cosmic rooted ANTENAS.... whooo breakthrough!

Is Life.
Is what we make of life.


  1. Distant, then up close and personal. Part of the scene, then the scene itself. Inside and outside.
    Negative and positive. Among the trees and beside the trees. Rooted in the earth connected by antennae. Flowing. Then, shyly, in your face.

    This reminds me that making room for art is s choice. That art is a choice, a free choice, to connect.

  2. thank you for sharing your cosmic connection to the feminine and tree, earth, grass, air source... the movement from the roots, the earth... your roots, your earth... the unseen into the seen realm of being... thank you..