Sunday, April 3, 2011


In continuation of working with the theme of dreams, today I went for a hike up Alger Mountain not far from my home, where I danced to the image of a dream of attaining heights (based on the sketch shown on my last post).

At this same time I was thinking about this dream, I could not help but think of people suffering throughout the world from disasters both natural and man-made, especially in Japan and North Africa. It was my most heartfelt wish during this dance that I can send healing energy to those who need it.

And then moments after the dance, spied a red-tailed hawk circling above. I feel connection with all living creatures, but lately this one has been making itself more visible to me. My hope is that he was there in answer to my prayers and on his way to help those whose lives are in turmoil right now.


  1. loved walking with you, like a dream, into your world of ascension... soaring and spaciousness, and grounding into the earth... stillness... becoming and earth.. and soaring as red tail-hawk... thank you for sharing your dances, your dreams, rev!
    (i am not sure where the sketch is that you mention?)

  2. oh... i was looking for the photo - forgetting it was in the film - wonderful! :~)