Thursday, January 26, 2012

dancing Our dreams


in the spirit of light, in the spirit of We

reaching for my own ambitions eyes to the sky, feet on the ground

connecting to the Inside
the Soul language
and Higher Purpose
I dream of eliminating that which hurts myself and others
I dream of walking my path with Courage and Humility
I dream of creating and living Freely

I dream of connecting to my fellow dancers and the ripples we have made, are making, and will come to make

I dream of peace and a good nights sleep

I dance to re connect to the pulse
that I am so often distracted from
by the mundane workings of every day life,
the seemingly important
but seriously trivial.

I dance for my Grandmother
running across a bridge- fully aware of every moment - the joyful working of my still youthful body.

One of the first questions Momo posed to me at a Butoh workshop was "WHO or WHAT do you dance for?"
I Dream that we can all Dance for what matters to us most, as individuals and as a beautiful community.
I have just reached a new city in pursuit of my Heart's dreams, and I find that checking in with my daily dance, and the Dance of Life, is helping me adjust to this huge transition with more Strength and Grace than I previously dreamed possible.
Isn't that the great thing about Dreams? They can keep evolving, growing, stretching, expanding. . .

Me dancing with Lightness & Dali's Alice in Wonderland

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