Friday, December 30, 2011

to breathe in small spaces

"I'm sttttttttttrechinnnnnn
now I'm breathing, sweet releasing
yes, to remember.
now I'm giggling cryin laughin
m o v i n g
a simple sacred danceofbliss .....just bein"

I was walking around Paris with my family a few days ago. It was very crowded and some what of a tense day. shoving, language barriers, traveling difficulties, grey weather. after a few failed plans, my family settled on visiting Notre Dame. we waiting in the long line that was moving rather quickly. it was cold. no one in line with me was chatting or joking. we were tired. as we approached the Church, there was a sign: "no flash photography, no talking, remove your hats" we all obeyed. upon entering the church I immediately felt it- SANCTUARY. i sat by myself in the back of the dark church and released. cried. sighed. i admired the beauty of this place and the candles flickering in the glow amidst the expansive architecture and stained glass. This church was filled with tons of people, a lot of the very same people I had been sharing my day with on the crowded trains and streets, but the energy was so totally different. Sweet Peace. I collected myself and found my family. The energy between all of us had changed. We had needed that moment of Sanctuary, as we all do from time to time. How simple, and yet how powerful sacred space can be. Its funny how we can forget that, or refuse to acknowledge it, or even fight it. Sometimes Sanctuary is given to us, but sometimes we must seek it out, or create it.
I have been creating sanctuary for myself wherever I am by lighting a candle. Sometimes I make a ritual out of it, creating a lot of space and time, burning sage, and performing other rituals...but other times just the act of flame to wick is enough. I find that no matter what state I am in or what little space I have available, lighting a candle helps me to center myself, to quiet, and to realign. To breathe. Perhaps I'm reconnecting to my fire essence. . .

i am very thankful for the Dance of this passing year and all it has taught me.
So many Gifts and Challenges.
2011 was a year of fighting, growing, searching and moving. Of adventure, freedom, and being humbled. i danced fast, i danced hard, i danced for the show of it, and then finally i danced stillness. gratitude.
as i move forward into 2012 I am focusing my practice more on drawing, writing, and scoring.
and of course, learning, expanding, being, playing, sharing, staying.
i look forward to sharing images of my current practices very soon, once I return to the U.S. next year!
I wish you all Love and Blessings for the New Year. I look forward to moving and sharing with you all.

a very Special Thank You to our Mentor Momo. . . <3


  1. A candle as sanctuary? how inspiring; what a brilliant idea; and brilliant in and of itself; images of you so clear and sweet; I need to be reminded of these simple, precious ways to find sanctuary when I have none. You are a gift to us, keep on dancing drawing scoring moving in France? Whereever you are!

  2. I love the feel of the old churches, they teach us so much about what it is to offer sanctuary. This reminds me that sanctuary is created by intention over time, the repeated practices we do in a space, even if that space is moving and shifting all the time.

    Thank you for the loving post!