Monday, August 29, 2011

consciousness stream

...dancing with MomoButoh Dance Company 11 /11 /10
Photo: Susan Elizabeth Cowperthwaite
'stream of consciousness' installation by katherine kerr
Momo and I... 11/11/10

Spontaneous dance exploration of connecting to the infinite cosmos / consciousness in the finite - in urban North Vancouver with Katherine Kerr's stream / bridge / installation... feeling connection to the life cycles of the salmon... and nostalgia and excitement for Momobutoh's upcoming 11/11/11 dance dedicated to the wellness and survival of the salmon at Oyster Creek... and throughout the Pacific Rim....
Momo and I... 11/11/10 Oyster Creek

Momobutoh Company at Oyster Creek 11/11/10
i dream of salmon coho crisis sockeye collapse bear scat food web tear i marvel again rest its time now nowhere deep...
Thank you for viewing... feeling grateful for this connection with you all... here... Thank you Momo for bringing us together in the dance...
Music: Mountain Man


  1. What I see.....feet balancing, sensing, taking it one-step-at-a-time....making a stand, honoring the art of others from your own comes naturally....aesthetic response to a space of inspiration and hard work (making that bridge must have been a long concentrated project using great resource). pointing out a point of light, of connection, of consicous-ness where we are all one....getting the point, holding the light...being in the and preparing to go again into that challenging flow of 11/11 with the salmon....hard working, intentional, life-force so immense and lasting through generations....yet so the touch of your fingers & toes on the surface of those stones and the reflection of that tiny delicate. thank you lee.

  2. I feel myself there with you, Lee. Like sharing a dream. The grey skies and water. the smells of coastal forest air. the touch. the touch. the rock. the water.the touch. The breath the song. the tiny waves and reflections. This makes me think that we all share that moon, no matter how far away we think we are.
    Then no longer "like" sharing a dream. We are really and truly sharing a dream.